Better DS3

Сonnect your PlayStation controller to your computer

Operating system: Windows

Release: Better DS3 1.5.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Better DS3 is a software that installs a driver that allows a user to use their PlayStation controller on their computer. Therefore, it is not possible for the user to expose the user to ads by using the driver. As a result, some users have reported being adware as well.


  • Better DS3 recognizes pressure sensitivity on controller buttons
  • Better DS3 allows controllers to connect through USB or Bluetooth
  • Better DS3 is downloadable to use locally and when the user is offline
  • Better DS3 is compatible with MotionJoy Driver 0.7.1001

Better DS3 allows the user to use a console controller as a PC controller without the hassles of trying to make a controller work with a system it was not designed for. Pressure sensitive DS3s can be customize and settings can be advanced so that vibration level is the setting, blue tooth pair can be set, USB plugins can be set, and all of these variables can be set. Basically, this eliminates the need for the user to repeat changing how the settings are set each time he/she connects or plugs in. With Better DS3 you don't need anything online to use the computer; it works directly on the computer, you don't need anything else online as it does not require any internet connection. Better DS3 seems like a better alternative to MotionJoy, though the user does mention some However, one user decided that since BetterDS3 wasn't running right away, they could just run the drivers after the software had been downloaded. In order to get rid of ads that appeared in Better DS3 when running the program, the user said he selected this option. Don't download anything on the internet that you don't read reviews about before deciding if it's worth your time and money.

In comparison to other popular programs, such as Better DS3, this program is much safer to use.

All four operating systems supported by Better DS3 had good performance: Windows XP, 7, and 8.

Dante Jackson
I want to play computer games, but I don't like the keyboard and mouse. Could there be another DS3 that u problem! On a computer, you can install Better DS3 if you do not want to turn off your PlayStation controller. Because it's USB and Bluetooth compatible, it makes it super convenient to use.
Elle Jay
You can utilize Better DS3 to connect your PlayStation controller to your computer from PlayStation. Rather than having to use your console and playing games together, you may play on your PC rather than your console. Internet access is not required, this allows for a safer user experience, as well as zero advertisements. Woo!
Caleb Graber
If you want better DS3 for Windows, you'll need software that enables you to use your PS3+ controller as a control mechanism in the game. Having been not familiar with or aware of the methods this site employs and it is not the only one to use as a catalyst to do so. However, the site is still one of the few that claims to be able to do so. Considering that you might have some trouble taking advantage of any of these mild programs during the weekend, Better DS3 gives you an answer to
This program is one of the many I have been using for a long time; it has never led to any problems, except for letting me disconnect and use my PS3 controllers on my PC at the same time. As far as I am concerned, it is best.
For offline motioning driver configuration, DS3 is known for being a versatile device. It can accept digital, analog and non-net measurements for each profile, has higher vibration strength, LED assignments with a wide range of adjustment parameters, and does not require IT privileges.5.
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