by Beholder International Ltd

This software allows the control of a television from your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Beholder International Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Behold TV - For USB and PCI computers as well as the PCI.Television stations serving the Middle East & Central Asia such as the Egyptian E& the PCMCIA.Its parent company, Beholder, enables you to customize products to suit the needs of all users, enhancing the functionality and overall quality of these products.

In addition to allowing to receive broadcasts of TV channels from different radio channels and transmitters, the application allows to receive other radio signals on FM and VHF frequencies. This is designed to support DVB reception.In addition to recording TV and radio broadcasts, it can "scatter" the broadcasts on the network and it has automatic scheduling (it makes recordings once an episode has been scheduled, shuts them down or detects something else.

Image and sound quality are also improved by the Behold TV. you are sending a picture that doesn't go well, you can do whatever you can to reduce noise, a filter, clear the "comb" effect, double frame rate, and adjust the aspect ratio on your end. With this program, the quality of audio can be improved using such methods as noise reduction and audio sampling with a frequency of 48 Hz in pseudo format.stereo sounding mode, surround sound emulation, etc.

Among the additional features of Behold TV, which can be useful to users, we can mention the support of teletext, the availability of TV programs in JTV format, the function of searching and sorting TV channels and radio stations, preview mode "picture in picture". Additionally, TV programs can be recorded without advertising, individual settings are set for each channel (volume, brightness, contrast), and a delayed viewing mode (time shift), so that screenshots appear in a BMP or JPEG format up to 768x576 frames per second.

As of late, I have been looking for something that enhances my enjoyment of watching TV.A run across the next- end.I dreamed of owning a TV, but it was unable and provided me with reality.
To me, TV is what I have been looking for for a long time. I've been looking for similar programs for the past two years, but I found this to be one I would highly recommend, not only because it increases the number of channels and radio programming but it allows you to record the programs to schedule them on subsequent days.
There will be lots of TV tuners available throughBehold TV for Windows which offers PCI technology as well as PCI-native ports.a pair of Express, as well as a number of PCI and PCMCIA slots and broadcasters built by Behold itself.TV. The software allows you to easily receive and display broadcasting content on a monitor using the application. It is an excellent investment, especially when it comes to watching television more efficiently and effectively.
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