by Bare Metal Software Pty Ltd

A real-Time logging file monitoring tool for Windows - Windows Time Logging Monitoring Tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bare Metal Software Pty Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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BareTail is an awesome product, made for use with Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista). Registration is $25 for this version of the software. Everything on Etsy can be viewed directly from their website without having to worry about reams.It's still possible to view the trailing end of a file as soon as it grows regardless of how fast it happens. Every size file can be viewed on a network instantly. A single file can be viewed instantly across all files. Line wrapping and TAB support, and fonts allow for flexibility as well. The multi-tab function enables you to separate different files as well as to highlight or hide the files horizontally. The multi-tab shows a status and any changes and can also include vertical and horizontal positioning options for those applications. You will not need to click every one ve to click each one to see updates! You may also customize a menu by selecting a combination of encodings (Unicode, UTF, etc.) with international features.Configuration capabilities and storage options are provided in ANSI and ASCII.


  • Real-Time file viewing
  • Follow Tail mode
  • Tail multiple files
  • Configurable highlighting
  • International character sets
  • Many file formats
  • Flexible configuration options and storage
  • Single small executable, no installer

Not only does BareTail have countless benefits, but you also don't even need to install it, you can just start using it immediately for small executables. Temp-install, then uninstall when you have a larger executable.

There are many similarities between this software and others.
An customizable product, Bare Tail is ready to use from start to finish.Use this free personnel monitoring software for tracking time logs. It is supported on most Windows operating systems. you can easily review tasks that are running on your personnel computer at any point while it is operating. There is an intuitive user interface and it is very easy to use. Real world functions are played out as well.Data network activities usually take place at a certain time and location. We offer wrapping of lines and expansion of tabs as well. This software should assist you in completing all your real-world tasks with no hassle.time monitoring activities.
Files of any size can be viewed and multiple files can be opened through Baretail. All the major text file formats can be accessed in the program. The installation does not require any modifications. A color can even be highlighted in the field. It is possible to try the product out for yourself for free. Having a product that adapts and enables you to meet your needs makes your experience with it as enjoyable as possible. It offers many features you wouldn't otherwise find in a comparable product.
monitor your server activity from a remote location. Having a good interface that can be understood easily.
BareTail is Real-The application is used to view time files. Multiple files can be monitored simultaneously. Using a good file format is possible with a large variety of them.
It includes tools for tracking long files, such as one used for MacOSX. Using this optimization, you will be able to fully view all content in a single screen. It co-efficients on so many levels.All the items should be coordinated at the same time. Tab-based methods enable it to monitor several file types at once. There are a number of file formats in this application. A browser by itself cannot install it. You can easily execute it.
Using this software is an efficient way to work in any kind of PC on a safe, fast, easy way to work all kind of work.
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