Baidu PC Faster

by Baidu

A new system optimisation tool for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Baidu

Release: Baidu PC Faster 5.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Our technology is helpful every day and sometimes when we struggle to do small things with their ease, such as paying for something, taking a ticket, or sending important documents.

There has been a reduction in everything, but technology doesn't seem invincible nor does it have a life.

Using our computers over time will lead to decreased performance and the loss of solidity. This generally happens for a variety of reasons that Baidu PC Faster should resolve quickly.

Regardless of the version of the application, mainly Baidu PC Faster will be based on the use of 3 particular aspects that will help you improve the functioning of your pc. Cleanliness, Speed and Safety will be the essential elements, which through the use of Baidu PC Faster will allow you to operate your computer as if it were new ( more or less )

In fact, the response and execution times of any process will be significantly reduced, with the added security of being able to control any eventuality, intervening with modifications, and various optimization procedures.

By using a fast system, less time will be spent on response and execution.

Now we will go down a little in the details, so once our software has been downloaded and installed, Baidu PC Faster will provide us with a series of modules, and our task will only be to choose the module that will satisfy our main purposes.

  1. An Anti-Hacker which prevents hackers and trojans from entering your computer
  2. A Boot-Time Manager that automatically checks the boot time and identifies unnecessary boot items.
  3. A Speed-With the optimization module on top, the promise that Windows will work better is made, as well as providing a 1-in-1 optimization button
  4. Identify vulnerabilities in your operating system and other installed software and help you download, install, and fix them.
  5. Is Healthcare can diagnose computer problems and help improve safety and performance.
  6. A Cleaner to clean up PC junk files, privacy data, and invalid traces and registry entries

Provides you different ways to optimise your laptop

  • Different modules
  • Cleaning mode
  • Often updated software
  • Game Faster mode
  • Privacy protection
  • Internet connection required
  • Freeware
During this program, we can easily uninstall every file that is unwanted, therefore our computer will become faster and more efficient. And, this computer is also equipped with a RAM battery.
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