Baidu Browser

by Baidu

Using the Chromium kernel as its basis, the alternative browser features improved security.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Baidu

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Baidu Browser is a rather convenient "young" browser available for both decompression and mobile operating systems. It is based on the Chromium engine, providing fast performance and stability. Additionally, you can add your own browser extensions that work with Google Chrome. Moreover, the "famous" engine has provided Baidu Browser support for all modern web standards, and accordingly, the correct display of web pages. Moreover, you can describe this browser as having a very nice graphical interface. provides support for gesture management, can work with external utilities such as utilities to manage your passwords, comes with a convenient tool set to work with the proxy, creates an automatic folder system, prevents the destruction of your contacts data, and performs multiple data migration operations.thought-Multiple devices can be synchronized with multiple data inputs and outputs with our quick access panel. In addition, Baidu Browser runs without a problem and consumes a limited amount of resources using relatively little computer power.

- Fast page loading performance; offers high graphics resolution;

- Chrominium engine; used for its construction.

- Chrome extensions; does not support Google Chrome.

- I have an interface that is clean and minimalist; ;

- Changes the design theme automatically;

- A free version of the application is available for download and usage.

A copy of Internet Explorer. Because there are many more quality alternatives than it, I wouldn't use it. Other than firefox and chrome, the only reason you should use a browser other than firefox is if it offers security. Their development is much more advanced, and they have a better track record as well.
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