Bad Crystal

by z-drex

Ensures plasma screen is fully protected

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: z-drex

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bad Crystal - pixels that must be identified and treated, as well as areas left after static objects on an image screen. It must be said that the dead pixels can’be’completely restored without professional repairs. Bad Crystal, like other programs of this kind, can restore, so to speak, "sticky pixels", that is, those that glow constantly only one color (green, red, etc.). Using the method of broken pixels treatment, a visual display can be made to react by suddenly changing its colors in order to locate a broken pixel. With this load, a pixel can come alive.

If you select the corresponding option, a window will appear, inside which the colors will change in a chaotic order. It's a window to point at the pixel that hangs in the air, waiting for it to come to life. However, it's hard to say exactly how long you'll have to wait. There are various times of elapsed time from a few minutes all the way up to several hours a day with this procedure. In all likelihood, the pixels will not turn alive at all.

Important note: If you choose not to wait until the changing color of your screen is removed, your work will not end as the window with this change is always at the top of another window where you can continue.

my television contract. Taking video signals, frequencies by minute, and making sure they don't get dropped when streaming is important for me since I run a cable contract.
The pictures on my computer didn't look as good as when I had it. By downloading bad crystal, I was able to provide better picture quality for Windows. As a result, images become better with pixels restored. It is free to download the software. Several operating systems and devices are compatible with it. That's cool.
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