iCare Data Recovery Software logo
Various types of digital devices can be served by data recovery software.=
Auslogics BitReplica logo
With this Ultimate Data Back-Up, you can back up your data instantly.
Safe365 Any Data Recovery Pro logo
Any data can be recovered by an application.
MiniTool ShadowMaker Free logo
Data recovery software that backs up and restores data.
Android Transfer logo
The Android device can be connected to your Windows computer using this tool.
Backup Made Simple logo
You can use Backup Made Simple as an archiving software for Windows to keep records of what you have recorded.
OwnDrive logo
You can have all of your cloud storage companies in one location with this software!!
Ashampoo Backup Pro 11 logo
Designed specifically for Windows, this backup solution is powerful.
Amazing Any Data Recovery logo
A Windows-This is a tool for recovering data from the hard drive based on the data it holds.
ADRC Data Recovery Tools logo
The utility provides five PC recovery tools in one package.
Tresorit logo
A user-Make your business a file sharing station that is friendly and secure.
DriveImage XML logo
If you are storing and backing up XML files, this program is reliable.
Duplicati logo
Online backups stored without having to make physical copies.
O&O DiskImage Professional logo
You can backup Windows data with this data backup software.
Wuala logo
Files can be transferred to and stored on the cloud by using a cloud storage program.
4shared Desktop logo
On the Windows Client you will find 4shared Desktop, which makes it possible to share files with others.
Abelssoft Backup logo
All files and folders can be backed up using a backup utility.
O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition logo
Having easy-to-use data protection on your computer is fast and free of charge.
SpiderOak logo
Having an ended encryption platform enables messaging, file sharing, and backups to go online as easily as is possible.
Exiland Backup Free logo
Documents can be backed up safely with a tool that records their location.
Xopero Cloud Personal logo
Back up service on the cloud to allow businesses and individuals to back up their sensitive information.
SugarSync logo
A cloud storage for Windows & MacOs devices
Easeus System GoBack Free logo
The Easeus System GoBack tool, used for Windows rollback, allows users to back up or roll back data.
EverDoc logo
Documents, files, or listeners; viewers; organizers.
Paragon Backup & Recovery Advanced logo
It can create backups and grab files in a virtual backup.
Hercules Backup logo
Your PC has an online backup system that will back up your data.
Reboot Restore Rx logo
provides users with the ability to revert their computers back to their baseline setting in order to prevent long-term damage to their system.
PhoneRescue for IOS logo
An easy-to-use system to store, retrieve, and edit phone data.
Google Backup and Sync logo
With online storage, you have a one-stop shop for all your media needs.
Degoo logo
Your most important files can be stored in the cloud.
DragonDisk logo
Manages all of server operations in a powerful and efficient manner in the Cloud.
vrBackupper logo
A program for backing up and restoring photos on Oculus.
CryptBox logo
Data Encryption Software
BitReplica logo
The easiest way to protect crucial files on your PC using the cloud is by backing them up online.
FluffyApp logo
You can use this app to upload and share files online easily.
Mozy Home logo
With this tool, you can backup your data and records for the prevention of loss.
Backup4all Professional logo
Backup all your files in one device.
O&O DiskRecovery logo
It is a computer virus and a data recovery tool to return files that have been lost permanently.
Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 logo
A Windows-It is based on system backup that makes your system more secure.
Backup Maker logo
Your data can be backed up easily and quickly using the Back Up For Windows program.
O&O DiskImage Express logo
It backup automatically restores the ntege that automatically backups your data.
iFinD Card Recovery logo
Its unique property is to be able to retrieve lost electronic data.
SyncToy logo
An all-in-You can create a one-time Windows device optimization utility.
Iperius Backup logo
Backups should always be made in different formats compatible with different applications.
Droid Transfer logo
You can save and backup your phone's images, videos, photos, and contacts.t.Your PC should be able to access these sites.
GMail Drive logo
This utility will transform your Gmail account into a virtual file that can be accessed via mobile devices.
SyncBack logo
You can back up all your files and folders quickly and easily.
Yandex.Disk logo
synced your documents to an amazing level.
Stellar Windows Data Recovery logo
Using a data recovery tool, you can check any Windows PC to see if any data has been erased.
UltraDefrag logo
A computer hard drive can be optimized to benefit from the defragmenting.
RS Partition Recovery logo
A software program designed to restore the lost or corrupted files rom a deleted or corrupted partition.
DDR - Memory Card Recovery logo
By enabling recovery of memory on Windows devices, this feature enables the recovery of memory.
Starus File Recovery logo
A service that helps restore data lost as a result of viruses and damage to devices.
Starus Photo Recovery logo
Files photos on a recovery drive for Windows.
Acronis True Image 2019 logo
The only tool able to offer complete backup and cloning, with cloud, local, and hybrid backup options.
Tenorshare Any Data Recovery logo
free to extract all t files in 550+ formats.
PeToUsb logo
There is an option to formatting USB information.
Paragon HFS logo
A computer program that will allow you to write formatted files.
UFS Explorer Standard Recovery logo
Files can be recovered from the data recovery tool when they have gone missing, and when they have been accidentally deleted.
Barts PE Builder logo
Windows is tailor-made for thin and lightweight environments.
Recover My Files logo
The program recovers deleted and corrupted files which are permanently lost due to damaged or formatted hard drives.
Acronis Recovery Expert logo
An easy-to-Recovery of hard disk partitions, using the right software.
Veeam Endpoint Backup Free logo
Windows providers can be backed up by simple solutions.
Word Repair logo
The document can be repaired on Windows when it is placed on the mend list.
Active Partition Recovery logo
Recovering files quickly in response to simple recovery requests.
LinuxLive USB Creator logo
USB will be protected by its free, open-source software.
AOMEI Backupper logo
Windows users can back up and restore their own systems and files using backup software.
Magic Uneraser logo
A difference between a variety of files appears when a file Systemws.
WordFIX logo
When a Microsoft Word document in Excel has some errors, it is recovered.
XBoot logo
A easy-to-The Multiboot USB/ISO wizard will help you create an entire boot pattern.
Rufus logo
The software helps you create a bootable USV drive by allowing users to transfer images onto it.
Norton Ghost logo
Windows is equipped with drive imagining software.
USB Image Tool logo
A USB key backup and restore program that makes sure the keys are always available.
Hetman Partition Recovery logo
This will ensure the entire logical drive stays up.
AOMEI Backupper Professional logo
Windows has a backup system for professional files.
Windows 10 Media Creation Tool logo
The software lets you install Windows 10 on an USB drive by setting it as an installation layer.
TestDisk logo
Reformatted files can be recovered using this free software.
Recuva Portable logo
Recovers deleted items accidentally by accident on several storage devices
Wise Data Recovery logo
Recovery of Windows data from a formatted data file.
Lazesoft Recovery Suite logo
Restores data, files, or Windows operating systems to a location that you previously desired.
Glary Undelete logo
An easy-to-use profile that provides you with access to windows applications.
Handy Recovery logo
Recovers files on hard drives by downloading them.
DMDE logo
For Windows, you can search, edit, and recover data on a disk.
Driver Magician Lite logo
Having utility to provide a backup system and restore service.
GetDataBack for NTFS logo
Data deleted by virus attack and deleted by theft can be recovered via this software.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery logo
How do I retrieve lost data from a Windows Server recovery function??
DriverMax logo
The solution involves Windows computers for running CPU solutions.
Seagate File Recovery logo
Seagate has two software packages that can help you recover lost and deleted data from mobile devices. Seagate File Recovery Software provides iOS and Windows versions.
NTLite (nLite) logo
The latest Windows devices can be downloaded.
R-Drive Image logo
R-Windows users who have Drive Image installed on their computers can back up, disk, and image their images with it.
iCare Data Recovery logo
Windows recovery program that works 100 percent.
Auslogics File Recovery logo
If you accidentally deleted a file, you can retrieve it if your computer is being used.
R-Studio logo
Tools offered as open source and free to download.
Starus Partition Recovery logo
An essential tool that restores and eliminates FAT and NTFS partitions in Windows.
UNetbootin logo
Software that allows Windows users to create USB drivers.
Power Data Recovery logo
Windows can now be used to perform data recovery.
For use in the event of an unintentional Windows format, this device is cheap and easy to use.
USB Flash Drive Recovery logo
The best way to recover deleted data is to use a USB flash drive.
DiskDigger logo
Hidden or recently deleted files can be searched with this program.
GetDataBack For FAT logo
Flexible PC datasoft wear if PC is sharing.
File Recovery logo
Utilizing this program, users can recover deleted files from their hard drives that have been lost.
WinSetupFromUSB logo
formatted USB or flash drive for installation of Windows and Linux.
DiskInternals Uneraser logo
It is one of the shareware file recovery programs.
R-Undelete logo
FAT formatted drives have best results with this file recovery software.
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard logo
A long-With this solution, you'll be able to recover data from formatted hard drives, USB drives, and partition hard drives.
Non-Stop Copy logo
Files from other media storage devices can be copied by this DS program.
PC Inspector Smart Recovery logo
A Windows inspection can be done using this application.
Handy Backup logo
Users who use Handy Backup Standard file and folder files back ups easier and more quickly than ever.
Driver Genius logo
Check out Driver Genius to see if your PC can be optimized.of-On demand drivers are based on the date of their discovery and can automatically be updated.
Driver Backup logo
Windows can provide you the backup and restoration of Windows' device drivers automatically.
JetFlash Recovery Tool logo
help to repair your flash drive when you are unable to recognize or is not able to work a certain task or have other problems.
EasyRecovery Professional logo
Provides recovery of multiple loss events arising from data loss.
Paragon Drive Backup logo
With Paragon Back up you can backup and restore everything you need for a variety of users at one glance.
File Scavenger logo
Windows files lost may be tracked with this feature.
WinNTSetup logo
The Microsoft Windows system can be customized by this tool.
Windows 7 Toolkit (Win Toolkit) logo
Multiple tools can be integrated with Windows as one tool.
YUMI logo
With YUMI you can combine multiple operating systems into a multiboot bootable USB Flash Drive.
Easy Drive Data Recovery logo
An application that recovers lost or deleted files that haven't been damaged in order to recover the data from the computer system.
Data Doctor Recovery - SIM Card logo
Messages and contacts from SIM cards are recovered with the Windows app.
Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) logo
It merges many diagnostic tools into one bootable media format (a CD).
Portable Driver Magician Lite logo
Magician lite is the most advanced driver backup, restoration, updating, and removal application.
UrBackup logo
Contains software that backs up Windows based computers.
WinUSB logo
Windows multi-installation is an easy-to-use program that is portable.You will be prompted to install USB flash drives for booting.
MozBackup logo
An online backup tool for multiple browsers.
WinToUSB logo
Ensure that windows is installed and running by running Windows on an external hard drive.
GoodSync logo
Restores to Windows operating systems using this backup solution.
Flash File Recovery logo
A backup disk program on Windows to restore your drive after it has been emptied.
PhotoRec logo
It specializes in recovering data lost in a digital photo.
Smart Data Recovery logo
Windows can be used to recover data.
UDPixel logo
Downloads for Windows installation that provide free spyware protection.
Undelete Plus logo
Windows accidentally deleting items can now be tracked down and recovered with ease.
Active File Recovery logo
An easy, powerful, yet secure program that lets your company remain on the right foot.to-Use the Undelete solution and recovery tool if you want to eliminate it permanently.
FlashBoot logo
can be used to make a bootable copy of the USB device on Windows USB devices can be made on any platform.
ASUS Sync logo
System optimization by ASUS is designed for your particular needs.
DiskInternals NTFS Recovery logo
The solution to repairing a damaged harddrive comes with recovery and backup storage.
QuickPar logo
Par2 files, which do not require physical installation, provide a simple solution to repair and use damaged software.
Macrium Reflect Free logo
Imaging software to back up the data of damaged disk and restore them to the drive when the system is lost.
Windroid Toolkit logo
You can perform multiple tasks within the same interface while accessing a recovery system on an Android smartphone.
IOTransfer logo
Your PC and IPhone should be connected so that you can transfer files.
Trinity Rescue Kit logo
There is a program called Trinity Rescue Kit which can make a dead computer more accessible.
Registry Mechanic logo
The computer is cleaned up several times over a period of time to free up space and make it faster.
AnyTrans logo
Organizes all the products and services of Apple into easily recognizable pieces.to-access location
Gihosoft Free Android Recovery logo
Besides smartphones and tablets, there's a free program for recovering phone data.
Nero BackItUp logo
Your valuable files can be Navigated, Stored, and backed up.
Syncovery (32-bit) logo
Your entire family of databases should be backed up in your files in one place.
Wondershare MobileTrans logo
Make sure your mobile phone data isn't being sent to other devices too.
Easy2Boot logo
A USB drive is a convenient way to boot up disk images.
FreeNAS logo
The ed and streamed, and data protection.
Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro logo
A computer will assist you in recovering lost data if it has data from different file types.
WD Discovery logo
A member of the Western Digital team that looks after both the drives and the data within them.
iBackup Viewer logo
One can extract data from the Backup of their phones with this tool.
Data Doctor Recovery Mobile SIM Card logo
You can retrieve lost mobile data by searching for the lost files.
Memory Card Data Repair Tool logo
The recovery of inaccessible, destroyed, or write-protected storage devices is easy.
Recuva logo
If you accidentally deleted a file, you should delete it again.
Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive logo
Set up a virtual floppy drive on your computer so it can take part in Internet gaming.
Undelete 360 logo
The process of recovering deleted files, with any explanation possible.
HDD Capacity Restore logo
Ensure that your hard drive is fully functional by restoring its original factory capacity.
Snowbreeze logo
Any Apple product can be downloaded here to obtain iOS firmware.
Best Flobo Hard Disk Repair logo
Create new hard disk spaces in order to repair data disks which have been damaged.
Advanced Tokens Manager logo
A free backup of Windows activations with Microsoft Windows.
FREE DLL Fixer logo
Files can be repaired by using this handy utility program.
SuperOneClick logo
You can "root" your Android phone by connecting it to your Windows PC using a USB port.
Comodo Backup logo
Make sure that all important data is backed up from a whole drive to separate files.
DaosSoft Windows Password Rescuer logo
Passwords on any Windows platform can be recovered.
Partition Find and Mount logo
A process of identifying and mounting hard disk partitions makes it possible to recover deleted or lost files.
There is also a free BIOS password reset program offered by the company.
Universal USB Installer (UUI) logo
Create a run-If you wish to create your own USB flash drive, you can do so at home using the official ISO version.
NaviFirm Plus logo
With this app you can download the latest versions of the firmware for Nokia mobile phones.
Win32 Disk Imager logo
You can save and restore digital photos from drive images with this program.
Absolute Uninstaller logo
Keeping files in a folder becomes fast when these unwanted and unneeded files are removed.
adbFire logo
Using a Windows PC, start loading files and apps for your Fire TV.
Driver Sweeper logo
Connect more than one drive from several devices to your computer to allow you to restore it.
EaseUS Disk Copy logo
Manage and secure data with an effective solution.
Root Genius logo
You can root any Android smartphone or tablet with this powerful tool.
RecBoot logo
Running your device in or out of recovery mode is a good idea.
CloneDVD2 logo
Create professional video backup CDs quickly and in high quality files.
SamFirm logo
to the original firmware of the device.
FBackup logo
All data you wish to back up should be backed up.
Music Rescue logo
By using this software, you can keep music for backup purposes by removing music from your device.
Bitser logo
Backups and archives can be stored with Bitser, a free Windows program.
Huawei HiSuite logo
By enhancing the functionality of Android/Windows smartphones by enabling management of download data, backup of data, and system updates, this software can serve as an extension of mobile applications.
imageUSB logo
Open an ISO file and copy it directly to your bootable USB flash drive.
–°opy your system disk into another disk, it even works with disks that don't belong in the same system
WinX MediaTrans logo
Transfer photos, videos, and music from and between iPhone, iPad, and computer.
ODIN Samsung logo
One most popular firmware tools used for flashing Samsung Android devices
WinImage logo
A disk imaging shareware used to create, read, edit many image formats and file systems
TouchCopy logo
Allows users to transfer data from iPhones, iPods, and iPads to a computer
TinyUmbrella logo
Save the SHSH in our computer, emulate a server and work with iTunes
ShadowExplorer logo
Lets you look at automatically saved copies of your work on certain Windows systems.
HDD Raw Copy Tool logo
Duplicate any storage media for use in data recovery, backup, and migrations
OSFMount logo
Manage and mount disk images and RAM disks in Windows
AnyToISO logo
Extract and convert files, CD/DVD disks, and folders to ISO format conveniently
Moborobo logo
An Android tool to manage your device via Windows PC
Seagate DiscWizard logo
A software that secures information on your personal computer
DiskAid logo
File transfer and app backup software. Transfer files between your computer and iPhone
iCareFone logo
Clean up your iPhone using this program. Get rid of cookies and Ads!
WinToHDD logo
Clone windows installations without a CD/DVD or USB
Wondershare Recoverit logo
Recover lost, deleted or corrupted files
Lenovo OneKey Recovery logo
Back up and restore your Lenovo computer