Aztec Font

by IDAutomation

Encodes text into Aztec bar codes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IDAutomation

Release: Aztec Font 13.09

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Text that can be converted to Aztec barcodes with this program.


  • Works on most windows versions
  • Is free and available to anyone
  • Small download size at only 3.67MB
  • Well known with over 209,000 downloads
  • Encodes text into barcodes

This software is overall very good quality. My computer plays music to it very well. The program can consistently encode at high speed, which is a signature of its achievement. Due to its free nature, it has a large audience of viewers. With very little bloatware, no downloads or bandwidth drain, it is an ideal solution over a paid solution. It is also very well optimized. This means that it won't drain bandwidth or drain your system. Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8 have it working. In addition to Windows 10, Microsoft installed Windows 1. For good reason, it gets the latest Windows updates. In addition to that, the software is uninstalled from the control panel, allowing you to remove all traces. Though the developers have chose to host it on a software portal instead of using a client-server, it's not too difficult to run and runs easily on my old computer where my processor is rated slow at 32GHz. As far as I know, it works well with my dual-core processor. also liked that you are able to choose a different installation location from default. POS systems that have not been updated for several years will appreciate these ridiculously low system requirements. With it, an old computer would work perfectly in a business environment where upgrades could not be attempted since the requirements are so low. If I could run these potatoes, I'd be sure the recipe runs well.


One negative is that it is hosted on a generic software portal instead of a standalone site. The developers have their own site, but they choose to host it on a generic software portal, which is not the best way to host it.

Angela Rogers
My calculations required more than enough data compression, neither of which I could afford. I am happy to report that this one is free and very well-trained. I find this program to be fast, easy to use, and very convenient.
Oliver can create barcodes for your text with Aztec Font. You'll have access to reliable encode consistently fast. This program is widely compatible with Windows, so it is very convenient. Despite the very small download size, it is available for only 3 cents.67MB. The program has been downloaded more than 209,000 times and has been around for many years. You can use it if you're using Windows 7 or higher. You can test it for free and take advantage of the awesome service!!
A users can create various scenarios with Aztec Fonts, including altering their displayed fonts and changing web content across a diverse range of formats. As Aztec Font features numerous possibilities that a user is able to discover through searching, it's also incredibly functional.
The Aztec Font for Windows program gives me much freedom to convert text into barcodes very well. With its slim file size and encoding speed of 500x faster than most t versions of windows and boasts a very small file size, encoding text into barcodes at very high speeds while utilizing your PC's resources efficiently. has a clean UI and a great layout, making it a simple and fun way to use. Its free version makes it even better.
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