by Laurent Destailleur

Free powerful and featured server for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Laurent Destailleur

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AWStats is a WEB, FTP, and mail server log analyzer with the ability to generate reports in graphical and HTML format.

Various servers, such as Apache, collect detailed statistics on all site visits, requests, and transitions. If the server settings allow, you can configure AWStats to receive data about visited pages, keywords from the search engines by which the site was found, advanced information about visitors (browser, operating system, etc.), as well as problems with pages, broken links, periods of maximum load, and the most visited parts of the site.

Unlike most of the services for collecting statistical data provided by popular search engines, to work with AWStats you will not need to embed JS-Installing the program and naming the path s into your pages, just install the program and specify the path to LOG-configure any additional options in the files.

In terms of an inexperienced user, AWStats may seem a bit complicated, since all of his/her interaction with the program takes place via the command line or the CGI interface. Nonetheless, it has the ability to be set up and forgotten once. We accept reports every day, week, month, and can create custom reports for any needs.

- Based on the presence of servers on the internet, log analysis and other related reporting is performed;

- plugin support;

- Large Log files can be handled quickly;

- , WebStar, ISS, as well as others.

- Analyse WAP, FTP, mail and proxy logs for use in proxy, WAP, and WAP.

A simple analysis tool like Awstats comes along at your disposal so that your sites can become more visible and analyze better. Behaviors of bot are analyzed. With limited resources this data-mining tool is accurate.It is always necessary to have the right tool in all of us.
Reports that can be generated with HTML or graphical files are available at AWStats. The website history checker also aids you with more effective search by checking all the websites that you've visited in the past. Also, you will have access to all of the broken links and periods of maximum load, as well as all the problems related to the pages.
I really like this tool! Thanks for using it!! This is because it's free, and you get information, statistics and numbers graphically. An individual or business can use this tool to create graphs by putting numbers, information or data on a graph. Several people have used it, and I feel it has provided helpful information to me. This tool is great for anyone and everyone. I use it quite a bit.
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