AVS Video Editor

by Online Media Technologies

Create DVDs, blue-ray, and other video formats.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Online Media Technologies

Release: AVS Video Editor

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The AVS Video Editor allows you to make your video creations truly yours. You are able to edit your videos to show the points you want people to remember. As you make transitions, menus, subtitles and other features you are able to customize them to your taste. Why be stuck with what others want when it is your video. Videos can be uploaded into a variety of popular formats so anyone watching it will have the ability to view it in any format they choose. Video editing becomes faster on your end as you get more comfortable using it. This editor can be used to quickly prepare a video to be played on popular social media sites, as well as on people's mobile phones and tablets, and it's capable of converting it into DVD, Blu-ray Disc.yes, just about whatever you hope to demonstrate with this. The computer can do most of the editing if you select the right camera from the camera, while your camcorder or camera can be used to capture. There are many things outside of your own limitations that you can do. What's the name of your camera person who person shakey? Iigae stabilization can help alleviate any shake-up you may experience.

This editor is as powerful as its image editing capabilities but does not require a powerful PC for each feature. Minimum storage requirement is 2GB as well as RAM of 3GB. In this case the video card, as well as sound, is sufficient for a Windows 10 computer, with the exception of the Windows 7 or 8 operating systems.


Create unforgettable pieces by using a variety of colours and textures.
  • Able to create your video into multiple formats
  • Able to make your video truly yours
  • Able to fix your filming errors.
  • Able to help you get your video out to the very social media sites

You will not be disappointed if you chose this editor to make your videos stand out for the pack. Get it now!?!!

This editor is as powerful as its image editing capabilities but does not require a powerful PC for each feature. Minimum storage requirement is 2GB as well as RAM of 3GB. No matter what kind of video card and sound you choose, you do not need to replace anything standard with Windows 10 and even the old Windows 7, 8, too.

Xavier Long
AVS Video Editor is your standard video editing software. It gets the job done in the easiest way possible. If you are constantly filming or editing videos then this software will be of use. I think it is great for fixing a multitude of filming errors that would be hard to edit out with other software.
I've been looking all over the internet for a decent and free video editor and now I've found it. This is so good for making videos and I'm already uploading them to Youtube.
Finn Rey
The AVS Video Editor is a good program to use if you're starting out editing videos, whether for a project or a simple music video. Upon downloading this application, you will have access to a full library of text caption art, effects, transitions, and menus to give you different ideas on how to express your creative side. Within the AVS Video Editor there's over 300 different effects and transitions to use, software that supports video stabilization for shaky clips, and the ultimate favorite an easy to use timeline for cleaner editing.
AVS video editor will be your best choice if (1) you are tired of Adobe payments and (2) you do not need that "heavy" editing like Hollywood. I wanted to edit my family vacation vlog (yeah you know everyone wants to be popular with short videos these days), but I no nothing about video editing. AVS video editor helped me out because it is pretty easy to use. I just need to drag several videos there, click functions you want, export and that's all! I can even add images to that such as memes :)
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