Avro Keyboard

by Omicron Lab

Open-source keyboard software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Omicron Lab

Release: Avro Keyboard 5.6.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Avro Keyboard for Windows is a Unicode and ANSI-compliant Free Bengali typing software and spell checker. Originally published on March 26, 2003, the program was the first of its kind. Besides being available in a standard installers edition and a portable edition for Windows, this package features many additional features. There are several compatibility options in the software's customizable mode. In addition to phonetic typing, mouse typing, and fixed keyboard typing, users have full access to popular Bengali dialects. The spell checking feature is also favored with spell check on the fly (for phonetic typing) and a spell checker plugin for Microsoft Word. The portable edition (also free) was released later and did not need any installation or access as an administrator. It is also suitable to carry in portable media (such as a USB drive) and has a built-in 'automatic virtual font installer.' Avro Keyboard has been certified as clean from all spyware, adware, and viruses and additionally has been added to the online solution directory of Microsoft for Indic language input.


Provides free downloadable software for a Bengali typing keyboard
  • English to Bengali phonetic typing
  • Traditional fixed keyboard layout based typing
  • Mouse-based Bengali typing
  • Spell check on the fly
  • Spell checker program
  • Input language/input locale support
  • Customizable mode switching
  • Automatic keyboard mode and input language tracking
  • Key layout viewer on the fly
  • Customizing keyboard layout
  • Unicode and ANSI based font availability
  • User editable dictionary support for phonetic typing
  • Keyboard macro support
  • Avro converter
  • Online support forum for products
In my third generation (I grew up before my parents emigrated to the United States), Avro Keyboard was my first language to learn and I did not get much exposure to it. While I can speak the language fluently, many of my friends don't have a clue how to write properly either. Using Avro will really make it easier for me, as it allows me to speak to all my relatives in Bangla via phonetic typing.
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