Avira Antivirus Server


Windows Virus Shield has been developed to provide protection against viruses.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AVIRA GmbH

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Last revision: Last week

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The Avira AntiVir Server consists of a superior antivirus program that continuously protects PCs in the Windows domain. A Avira AntiVir server console, as well as the Avira servers, run on these packages. As a client of Avira AntiVir, you can protect your Windows server from viruses and cyberattacks.

For the purpose of administration, management and monitoring of servers and servers that are need protection, the AntiVir Server Console consists of AntiVir Server. It is possible to access various servers via AntiVir's server console. All Avira Resident operations can be monitored from the background through the Avira Resident server.

Administrators of networks, computers, services, and other components of Microsoft Management Console (MMC) can access the tool set. Server that utilizes erServer - The best server security hicsware!

- Set up centralized access to monitoring, Administration, and management of everything associated with the program.

- Simple, keyword-based configuration: This feature allows you to support configurations through an integrated assistant or context- based.sensitive help system;

- Whether you are running software or configuring and configuring another person's computer is not something new. Separate installation from anti-virus server service for desktop (AntiVir server console);

- The Avira Security Management Center (SMC) is used in the administration of your networks.

- the scanner to pick it up or to use with the computer from any PC.You can configure the scanning parameters to receive all known types of viruses and malware;

- Real-time virus protection (a continuous approach) ).time or on-(a) Monitoring every file entry must be continuous...

- Our scanning system uses innovative scanning technology based on heuristics to uncover malware (virus).

- An advanced analysis and detection technology aimed at preemptive targeting in hostile systems; AHeAD (Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection); new tools that provide reactive monitoring;

- Active knowledge of how to identify and find nested archives; active knowledge of ecatered archives, including nested archives and smart identification of extensions;

- With the full use of file filtering and caching functions, scanning speed can be increased significantly

- Multitasking: A scan that simultaneously scans multiple files over high speed is possible;

- Customizable response to elements detected: Your computer will be tested for viruses, infections, and other software problems; fix, remove, delete, quarantine, block, rename, and isolate; and, remove programs.

- Quarantine control: An individual cannot lose an infected file; otherwise a quarantine directory may be created or saved in their original location.

- In an integrated scheduler, the scan or update can occur at any time;

- By using an automatic update via the Internet or network protocol, without interrupting the application;

- To the administrator, authorizations, alerts, and messages are sent. With your Windows network or your e-mail.As we discuss SMTP authentication in mail (SMTP);

- You can protect your program files from modifications by means of intensive self-assessment.testing;

- There is a possibility that work could begin on a 32-gigabyte server.I would like to recommend to users. It provides you a bit platform for Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

- Terminal server supported through the end of this year.

Windows Server customers have access to Avira Antivirus. It comes with the ability to automatically scan and monitor both the servers on either one by one for optimum server security. When it comes to running a successful and secure company, quick and accurate real-time scans and monitoring are essential.
With Avira software, your security budget is protected by three levels. There are different features available at each level. If you choose to protect the data investment in your equipment and protect your equipment with a 30-day money back guarantee, you can feel secure.
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