AVG Secure VPN

by AVG Technologies

A windows product that protects you while using the web by adding security to your computer.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AVG Technologies

Release: AVG Secure VPN 1.10.765

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There is no need to save location information, keystrokes, or web histories with this software. The software does not allow for geotagging leaks like some VPNs do. There are no bugs that could compromise the privacy of your family. The country should look like what you are browsing from, depending on how you chose it. I love this feature, especially if you use public WiFi. Due to its very simple design, it's easier to use and to use. In addition, you will also experience increased safety without going through an WiFi connection, no matter what connection you use. As a bonus, there are no ads on the website. That's right, none. For the sake of this, nothing else seems worth it. First it is free to try, and after that it is a subscription that you may keep as long as your needs will allow, so when you want to stop you can. People are happy to share their information with friends because it allows them to use many computers at the same time for free. This does not make them liable if things get lost if they accidentally log on to this site. You'll be able to let all of your loved ones stay safe, especially those who will be with you at any time. People can also join the community page to ask a question about not talking to someone online or by phone. That is great for introverts.


  • There are 29 servers, 256 hosts, and 29 processors on this website.bit encryption to
  • Change your IP address in seconds. It is a simple solution perfect for any computer user in need of comfort.
  • More than 36 countries offer this service.
  • This antivirus software has no malware or spyware, so I imagine it would be clean.
  • has excellent detection capabilities.known brand you can trust.
  • P2P capability which is great since many VPNs don't allow this feature.

With this application, you will be able to protect yourself using 28 servers and can also function on computers running Mac OS X.
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