AVG PC TuneUp (TuneUp Utilities)

by AVG Technologies

Utility designed to clean up junk files and increase Pc system performance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AVG Technologies

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can optimize the performance of your computer with AVG PC TuneUp. Originally, TuneUp Utilities was the name of this program. It was developed by TuneUp Software GmbH in Germany. Eventually AVG Technologies acquired the utility's rights.

There are tools in this program to clean the browser and registry as well as to remove non-essential files.Using shortcut actions, analyzing hard disk errors, and restoring deleted files are all optimized in Windows 10. Furthermore, it supports synchronizing mobile devices between iOS and Android OS devices via the app's free updates module. In addition to this, there are several cleaning tasks.

Automated live OS control is provided by the Live Optimization module. In some cases, you can add programs to the exceptions if they do not work quickly enough. By setting up the automation function, you can decrease its effectiveness. Skype, Steam, Nero, MS Word, others, as well as many other popular programs, are scanned for unnecessary elements and malicious toolbars.

In Turbo mode, all applications are able to be accelerated instantly, but only a short period of time. It may affect your computer's settings. Using the saving mode, you're able to choose from three types of energy consumption: *Induction mode, you can choose from 3 types of energy consumption: There are three levels of manual, medium, and maximum production.

It may define standard system files as unnecessary in some instances, thereby causing a shutdown of standard applications. At the end of scanning, you'll want to tick the checkboxes in the settings menu, which is located along the upper right edge. Upon failing to follow these steps, the program will defragment the hard drive and registry immediately after you click "Scan".

Immediately following the initial analysis (it is possible to skip it), you will find the main monitoring window with 5 tabs. Among these options, you will find control of the maintenance mode as well as individual temporary files that need to be deleted and function configured or blocked.

- A cleaning or de-aeration disk is installed to protect it from unauthorized access.

- deleting duplicate files;

- Live-optimization;

- Explicitly delete temporary browser files from an online client.

- Consumption of energy and productivity should be managed.

TuneUp by AVG is a powerful Windows program that can enhance PC performance by cleaning up junk files.
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