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by ALWIL Software

Viruses aren't found in a typical web browser. A program to prevent this problem.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ALWIL Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Viruses on your servers and computers can now be protected with Avast! 4 Server Edition. Operates as a regular file-server extension as well as offering additional plug-ins to enhance security.In order to protect different subsystems on a server, as well as to protect the database and file system.You can use a mail, firewall or proxy server if you want. As of right now, we have the following plugins: :

It can also be viewed at; Microsoft Exchange 2003/2.

Proxy and ISA Server: MS Suite / IIS.

SMTP Server;

Portal Server 2001/2003 and Windows SharePoint Services, 2003.

- antivirus kernel: The latest version of Avast contains an antivirus kernel that works with World Wide Web applications.It has high performance and class-based threat detection. A virus or Trojan can be detected fully by any level of sophistication.

- Support for clusters and terminal services from within the service: Cluster and terminal servers are supported with Avast! 4 Server Edition and are ready for immediate use. One of the program's special wizards enables you to install Avast! into groups in order to configure it correctly with the terminal. A wizard that helps to reorganize AVAST into a terminal-compatible state is another option. Normally a computer, such as an Apple computer, handles each terminal properly.As a result, it is protected by quality regulations. In addition to connecting to Microsoft terminals in the Citrix MetaFrame system, there is full terminal functionality that is available.

- You need to integrate into the operating system: Over all versions of Windows servers (from NT 4) it has been tested properly on Avast! 4 Server Edition.It includes versions of Windows Storage Server 2003, Windows Datacenter Server 2003, as well as versions of Windows Active Directory Server 2003. This product has gone through extremely intensive, comprehensive stress tests to ensure its reliability and performance on numerous processors, nce, even on machines with a large number of processors to test the reliability and scalability of the technology, and special measures have been taken to ensure 100% compatibility with Advanced Server and in As for Avast! 4 Server Edition, everything was at the highest level.

- 64-IA works with the 4 Server edition of Avast! The server edition can be connected to IA with bits support.64 and AMD-64 based machines. In fact, there are very few anti-fascist movements like this.There have recently been a number of virus solutions that cover this rapid-emerging platform that will become more important in the future.

- Resident protection: One of the most important features of a antivirus program is resident protection, which automatically locks your computer in real-time. A resident module that prevents malware from entering your computer prevents it from trying. In addition to stopping the virus from running at startup, file system protection keeps the virus from infecting your computer. the server has resident protection by default - s are placed on the server - This means thorough scanning is possible. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to settings, there is a setting for specific files, and specific versions of extensions can also be used. The so-- is an important new feature.called "semi-universal default" - operates the program. In doing so, it aims to detect the penetration of viruses onto the server correctly. Where it works: Here's what it's doing: Downloading infected files using the Internet doesn't display any information, as long as automatic actions have been performed. To make things simpler, when your browser receives requests from local computers or terminals, the program runs in its usual interactive mode. i.The act of protecting your desktop from virus activity. Tests were optimized for rapid deployment with the resident module in all environments. Modern servers, such as multiprocessors (with multithreading capability), give it an advantage in scanning. AVAST comes with a special terminal server application that can be used directly. There are additional e-commerce modules found in Server Edition 4.We protect users from spam, viruses, and phishing threats with email protection (Outlook, Exchange, Internet Mail) as well as browser protection (Script Blockers).

- User interface: In particular, due to the Server Edition having the AVAST standard. Mode of operation that is simple and easy for users.to-You will only need the usual user interface add-ons to accomplish the work if you use server-based solutions. With this extension, you can access all of AVAST's settings, providing the user with more customization options for various scans on your computer. It involves the key principle of so- as the basis of all.There is also a Master Antivirus option, which uses scanning. It is your responsibility to define tasks for scanning viruses, as well as general settings, in the start. (Or possibly continuously) you scan. Results are determined by each task; irees; In the future, these results may be available as well. In addition to protecting houses, residential protection is a specialized field. As a related feature is the planner, which is used for organizing tasks. A special task can be began both one day in advance and on a periodic basis using this method.

- Notification manager: A special notification manager is available in Server Edition to make the process easier. In this example you define a notification object and associate it with antivirus tasks (both on-premises and on-premise).demand). When a virus is discovered, this notification object is used. As part of the new version, others objects, such as e-mail, can be added.Mail can be sent via SMTP or MAPI (Outlook). Also supported: The SMS will let you know apop- SMS, notifications via pop-A system has been installed that allows message messages to be forwarded to your printer without having to search for the network message, through printing from the network, or by installing SNMP traps in the MSN / Windows Messenger chat window.

- Automatic update: In addition to automatic updates, viruses are also protected by a virus database that is automatically updated. Most virus database updates are 20 square meters in size based on searches for updates that have already been installed. Downloading data on this day was a success because only new data was downloaded.The program was updated with a lot more than 200Kb and will have about that much this year.500Kb. An automatic update is carried out if your Internet connection is stable. Occasionally, AVAST can be a valuable ally. A notification will appear when your connection is being observed and a message to update you when your system is running.

- push update: There is an update system for the server edition. The changing philosophy of updating programs involves updating each program as a rule, checking for updates periodically, allowing download and installation of new software whenever it is available. It should be noted that AVAST actually receives requests from our servers to download new updates on their own. In this sense, aVAST always has new files installed within minutes after they release an update. With the SMTP protocol, it can be transmitted via this system based on asymmetric ciphers. There are countermeasures built into the system to keep unauthorized transfers from happening.

- Virus center: On disk, the center is regarded as a quarantine zone due to its extremely hard disk properties and ability to keep some data separated. quarantine is in place and can be used to check files. It is primarily a viral quarantine that quarantines the operating system so that only it can communicate with the virus.

- The AVAST system supports scanning after boot time, including special features. In order to investigate whether the computer was impacted by an active virus in its boot sector, it must be scanned from the start. During the boot scan, the operating system is used to check if the virus is loaded/activated before it can begin taking effect. In order to prevent or minimize virus-related problems, there is an anti-virus program.

- Command-line options for scanner gchine commands: Scanner command line options: experience users know the scanner command line helps you configure scanner features, set a number of parameters and also uses it as a tool for making filter and configuration tasks. You can also choose between special STDIN and STDOUT modes.

antivirus software programs can be installed on any server or terminal, so as to prevent malware from infecting a device. It is well worth your while to make sure that the program follows your commands when detecting virus types. In addition to killing or isolating it, disinfection can help eliminate it altogether. In addition, a comprehensive analysis of all detected errors and issues is available.
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