Avast SafeZone

by Avast Software s.r.o.

Safe zone for using Windows access from the operating system safe zone for windows access allows for safe zone for windows access.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Avast Software s.r.o.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Avast SafeZone is a secure browser from a well-known antivirus manufacturer. The main objective of it is to prevent unauthorized access to data and to provide users with a safe online experience.

Programs under the program's protection are classified as follows: This level is always active, which means you can check for potentially dangerous sites with low reputation (ratings are based on data from Avast Internet Security firewalls) as well as malicious code and Java code. Additionally, the browser's security has been built in so that the user cannot take any action unaccustomed to that: Neither viruses nor extensions can alter the home page by themselves. Also bear in mind that Flash is disabled by default. While most video applications make it easy to download video in high quality, the browser is not. The one click solution provides Flash support in one step if at all necessary.

As an alternative to conventional environments, virtual isolated environments can also be used. In cases where essential data must be transmitted over an organization's network and should not be divulged to a third party, this mode provides security. Those websites that have security policies, password management services, personal information from household cabinets, etc., automatically launch virtual environments when visiting the pages of major banks and a few other popular sites. Users can run this program on many of these same sites manually by clicking the corresponding icon on the URLs Virtual isolated environment provides protection from keyloggers, Trojans and utilities that create impressions of RAM.

Avast SafeZone uses Gecko as the web page output engine, so users accustomed to Mozilla Firefox will not find much difference in the browser interface. A new secure browser has been developed since early 2018 on, and the developers cancelled continued development of the web project at the end of 2017.

- Keeping in mind how to do your Internet banking and financial transactions properly.

- Where possible use a virtual private network during visit by visiting sites?

- blocking advertising;

- Protection against malicious extensions and homepage modifications.

- Popular video downloading services are available to you.

Choose Avast SafeZone for Windows if you want a web browser that protects your online activity from prying eyes and remains anonymous. Using this browser will ensure your privacy's airtightness, and the tools it offers will protect your identity from identity theft, phishing attacks, and other cyberattacks you might encounter.
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