Avant Browser

by Avant Force

The first web browser to be compatible with Windows.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Avant Force

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Avant Browser is a web browser with advanced features for comfortable internet surfing. Legitimate advertisements and pop-ups can be blocked with this browser.Thanks to the built-in multithreaded download manager, you can now download and stream any content you wish online instantly. The email or music files are acceptable.

If one of the tabs opened in the Avant Browser hangs, it does not cause the whole browser to hang. Having Avant Browser minimize the use of computer memory so severely limits the possibility of a tab remaining open to any extent. A few others, such as helping prevent memory leaks that occur as a result of Ajax technology. In order to release all the memory consumed by the Ajax site, close the tab that opens the Ajax page. There is no restriction to how the program can be run in private mode. Using this approach, the computer does not capture any details about your visit to any of the sites you've previously visited.

Browsers like Avant can understand what commands users make based on mouse gestures (so-so).The Mouse Gestures interface (also known as the Java API for Firefox and IE, etc.) detects web forms and automatically fills them in; by blocking many elements you can save web pages (video, flash, pictures, sounds, ActiveX); ckside in web forms and allows you By using this web browser's RSS feed, users can read news quickly.You can also enable browser extensions by using the bookmark service. You can configure browser appearance by removing or modifying a plugin. Avant Browser Ultimate features not only one engine (Internet Explorer), but also three engines - as with the base version - one of which comes from Internet Explorer. Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. You can switch between the engines if an online page does not display well in one.

- (i.e., memory) are low system resource expenditures.

- Advertising and pop-ups need to be blocked.up windows;

- Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer are the three options (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer);

- An anti-parallel regime; laissez-faire support for a private regime;

- mouse gesture support;

- There is no cause for hang-ups in a whole browser because of hanging of one tab;

- A built-in news reader (RSS / Atom).

- Flashing over the media and manipulating their image: http://re.eu/5Yr0q1p.

- The download manager is based on multiprocessors.

With this wonderful Internet browser, you'll have everything you could ever want in one convenient location. It's fast, efficient, packed with useful features, and simple to use. It took just a matter of minutes and megabytes to transfer my previously downloaded data from my previous browser to this one. I find that it is free, which is good for me as well, even though I am not sure I would do it if necessary due to letting me run many apps at once.
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