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You can utilize task scheduling software for managing your multitasking ing software for your multitasking needs.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hitek Software LLC

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What Automize does is essentially allows you to have a computerized "virtual" assistant. It is ideal for a person working from home to manage mundane tasks (automated or scheduled) and for a small business owner to delegate important responsibilities. The productivity and efficiency of your work will be greatly improved thanks to this software.


  • Assign tasks in advance or on a conditionly basis.
  • Making important downloads easier to schedule.
  • Keep an eye on your favorite websites for changes, and if necessary, report them.
  • By combining all messages for multiple recipients, your inbox will be filled with everything you're passionate about.
  • Deleting files and monitoring them over time is a must.
  • You can run Windows Command tasks from here.
  • Uploading files using FTP using servers can be automated.
  • It is not necessary to possess any programming knowledge.

Automize is available for macOS and Windows users. You can set it and forget it here!!

Java software with multi-processing built into one object.The flexibility of the platform makes it unique.
Automize 8.37 (25.78 MB)
Automize 11.03 (34.57 MB)
At home or at work, Atomize makes it easy to manage your many projects. Your computerize needs are handled by automatically using the machine. The use of Automize allows users to do almost any action on their own. You can monitor downloads in order for large files to be deleted, as well.
The Automize tool provides an additional method for extra productivity, such as automatically scheduling tasks, monitoring websites, performing routine cmd tasks, managing mail, and processing FTP over the internet. A beginner's program with versatility enough for an expert is excellent for this program.
Fraser Maloney
No programming is required in order to use the automizer.
Using automize reduces costs and increases productivity.Windows has a server based application. There are many types of software scheduling and automating, some examples being transfers and monitors, downloading from the internet, monitoring and analyzing web sites, checks and sending online mails, etc. There are also some features that enable remote handling of files, unzipping folders and adding more directories.Java is the language used to develop this application.
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