by Network Automation, Inc

Using a Windows program that will automatically automate repetitive tasks.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Network Automation, Inc

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AutoMate is an application for automating various tasks performed on a computer. With AutoMate you can solve virtually any task - Simple operations can be automated or can be managed and controlled from the corporate level to the individual user computers. It is intuitive and simple to use - ng of the program is intuitive - If the required commands don't appear, drag and drop them into the editor window in order to launch an automation script. each script can be assigned a warning before its launch. It is possible, for instance, by pressing a certain key or by launching another process. With Premium (available from Windows XP) your software can automate work with Amazon Web Services, launch a hypervisor based on VMware virtual machines, launch them and manage them via MSMQ, SSH, and SNMP, as well as run and launch and manage remote software.

Your productivity may be improved if you automate daily, repetitive chores like reviewing data from the web, gathering and editing reports, or transferring data across programs instead of relying on spreadsheets.You can automate the generation of invoicing with AutoMate for Windows by connecting to several apps and data sources, including Excel and your in-automating repetitive, manual tasks like mouse clicks, key presses, and data entry through invoicing, accounting, and field management applications.A valuable time-saving app, this one makes it easy to carry out the activities in a short period of time.
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