by AutoIt Team

A freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AutoIt Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AutoIt is a completely free application program that allows you to record and play scripts to automatically perform various actions in the operating system and programs working in it. This software makes it possible for users to create script settings that record a sequence of key combinations. It also lets users click, for a combination of keystrokes that could utilize gamepads or trackballs. It is quite commonly used by professional PC gamers who have trouble staying on the same keyboard constantly, or by individuals who create their own bot in online games to perform repetitive tasks repeatedly. AutoIt also supports clipboard, registry, files and folders (read, copy, delete), network (TCP and UDP protocols), DLL and API functions. You can also run other useful applications using Windows window management, browser automation, and more.

The user’s interface has a powerful visual editor that allows him/her to capture the actions and text programming steps as well as make sure the macro is created fastest. also has a special compiler that allows you to collect scripts generated in executable files, which can run independently on any Windows PC (without autoit installed). Furthermore, there are many tools ready to use within the application library.Scripts as well as developer's examples and templates. Additionally, it is provided with detailed instructions on how to use the system.

It's true what it says, these are the things it says it should do. The service allows you to preview product.Taking several actions from the PC can be performed by restarting the program. Furthermore, the sequences can be run with no software installed on a wide variety of computers, as well as in single-user environments. Using it, you don't have to use expensive proprietary software; it's easy to use.
As far as I was concerned, the description was well written. There were no grammatical errors, and the language was plain and easy to understand. The description of the program gave me an idea of what it is for now, not knowing what it was. The clear message that it is free is pleasing to me, as I consider that one of my main concerns if I were attempting to obtain this approach.
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