Autodesk FBX Converter

by Autodesk Inc

Tools that allow you to work with FBX files more efficiently

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Publisher: Autodesk Inc

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Autodesk FBX Converter is a powerful application that allows you to convert FBX files into different formats depending on your needs. Moreover, this extends the compatibility of the FBX file with so many different programs that you will be able to use these programs more flexible than ever before. Autodesk FBX Converter contains many useful features when working with your 3D and animation files. This program allows you to convert multiple files into batches rather than just one by one, for example. Keeping this in mind also helps save time and make the process more smooth and simple. In the explorer, viewing and comparing your FBX files provides you with the ability to make adjustments that may need to be made based on your perspective. You will have several powerful tools at your disposal to make your FBX files more efficient working with them.


  • Converts your FBX files to OBJ, DFX, 3DS, and DAE
  • Can be used as an explorer, a viewer, and a converter
  • Allows for extraction of animation takes
  • Extreme ease of use and simplicity with minimal user involvement
  • Gives you the power to change the camera angle of your animations

If you are looking for an application that will allow you to work with your FBX files with ease and simplicity, and convert them to different formats to make them more compatible with your software, then Autodesk FBX Converter is the perfect fit. You can download it free of charge for Windows 32 bit as well as Windows 64 bit systems. It won't take very long for you to be able to use Autodesk FBX Converter in a new way. The best part is that this tool is simple to use for anyone with no previous experience. Just point and click the settings. How can you use your FBX file ighout what you can do with your FBX files!

FBX is a highly versatile app that combines many tools into one interface.

Bob Johnson
By choosing this application, one can convert all forms of FBX files into numerous other ones. The program can be customized by you to be tailored according to your choice. It includes: A batch file conversion tool to convert multiple files at once, a file explorer to compare files and angles for multiple cameras.
Cade Rowan
Third-party 3D modeling, animation, and design software providers like Autodesk offer FBX Converter as a free add-in. The system supports conversion of 3d files from one format to another. Users can download it for several 3D formats, including 3D mesh structures from CAD programs. You will also find a variety of tools useful for small things. In addition to supported formats, here are some others. - 3DS - OBJ - DAE - DXF - It is able to support different versions of FBX files, each with their own identifier. There is also the FBX Viewer in the software, which allows you to see animated FBX models. Animation models are displayed in real time via this app.Your models are taken in for a quick close-up using FBX Viewer, which enables you to determine where conversion can be made. When you have a lot of models at hand and you are having to vet them, this can be useful. The FBX Explorer is also integrated into the converter. A FBX file can contain multiple subdirectories, thereby making it susceptible to creating additional subdirectories and subdirectories. The tool helps you see how a FBX file looks underneath and underneath the folders. For comparison of files, in addition to file analysis, FBX Explorer offers complete functionality for comparison. Comparing the contents of different files can be quite difficult to do, especially if there is a lot of information between them.groups and models. With Take Manager, you can quickly manage your animation take. The tool can allow you to retrieve animation files quickly and efficiently if you have multiple FBX files, which are open in FBX Take Manager without any need to open MotionBuilder. By importing it, you can save time and effort by using extraction to create new FBX files.
It is great for viewing 3D models quickly and easily. Even though the image and lighting work well on this program, it is quite hard to place textures for the two folders that you've created separately when the software looks at two files side by side. As a matter of fact, it is very hard and difficult to convert bulk/single mesh into polyhedral.
As part of the Autodesk FBX Converter for Windows, files are converted into the FBX format. Open the Autodesk FBX Converter and test your favorite files against one another. Using the Autodesk View, your FBX files can be viewed.
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