Autodesk 123D

by Autodesk Inc

A free design software that is relatively powerful for a free tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Autodesk Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In addition to producing AutoCAD, which is industry-standard 3d modeling software, Autodesk makes this software. 123D isn't supported by Autodesk anymore and the downloads are still available, though they do not exist. free of charge, and provides incredibly fast, powerful functions. Students interested in 3d modeling, design, or visualisation could utilize this software, which is perfect for engineering or architecture students. People in Autodesk's industry are familiar with these softwares, such as Tinkard. The Autodesk 123D software is between Tinkard and fusion 360 when it comes to tools and functionality. Tinkard, being browser-There are a lot fewer features on 123D and fusion 360 than on this file. Fusion 360 is, however, the best choice, in both cost-effectiveness and functionality-wise. Using 123D lets you create simple 3D designs, without spending any money. If you are someone who previously used fusion 360 then there may be some limitations, but do not let that discourage you from trying out. You may be able to save some money by switching to 123d instead of 123d if you decide you need the extra functionality.


  • Free to download and use
  • Powerful - almost as powerful as their flagship fusion software
  • Lots of modification tools
  • Streamlined

In conclusion, if you are a student or starting a professional looking for a 3d modeling CAD software, Autodesk 123D is recommended. However effective this software is, there's no doubt whether anyone should choose it since the design is streamlined. Autodesk 123D can be tailored for people regardless of their occupation, whether it is a professional, DIYer, 3d printer owner, or anything above those mentioned. As an alternative, I would suggest trying out 3 of the software mentioned and choosing a software that you feel is a better fit. It would help if it is affordable and comes with the extra functions fusion 360 has.

two major benefits are the fact that it is free and that it is an efficient 3d modeling application.
If you have artistic preferences, then you might find it quite suitable in this application. Arts and art-related majors appreciate it very much. Through the app "Slicer for Fusion 360" (which uses 3-D figures) artists can create 3D models to their satisfaction. As a result, artists are given the choice of adding volume and quality to the figure. Those who play the game "Minecraft" get ideas on what to create in their world via an app called Tinkercad.
However, Autodesk has since terminated that software and now offers other similar tools to the types of 3D creations 3D creation. During this time, Autodesk 123D was a great CAD software for 3D creations but has since been discontinued and new software does that. It can generate 3d shapes and let you have a lot of tools at your disposal, it is powerful, and it has an intuitive user interface to assist with the process.
It is the best 3D editing tool because of its simplicity.Program is running on Windows and it is free.Simple and with limited functionality.editor's Graphical user interface facilitates the full implementation of the editors' powerful methods for convincing majority of enthusiastic 3D printing users to invest in the technology.
Use this program to identify how creative you are. It was helpful to me, so I wanted to try it out. Free trials are also offered by them for students.
Launched by Autodesk, this application provides access to their 3D designs. It was developed to create 3D models as a main objective. People who work in graphics design related jobs will really benefit from the application. This program is an excellent tool for modeling and is used often by programmers. Files can be cut, edited, dragged, and dropped utilizing this interface. The user will be able to create breathtaking designs that can't be duplicated. The quantity of it is greater at any time and at any place. In fact, it decreases the amount of time spent on it.
You can create 2D and 3D objects using Autodesk 123D for Windows. The device works with Windows 7 and 7, 8, and 10 and can be used for FREE. There are a number of tool options available in this software along with clear icons. Despite this, the best thing about this product is that there is no complicated installation procedure required. Step-by-A video tutorials show not only how this system works, but also its characteristics clearly. Inexperienced? No problem!
You'll find advanced techniques in it, even for those who have done 3d modeling before as well as beginner's tools. features a very simple user interface, as the tool icons are very clear, so individuals can become acquainted with their respective functions.
Software APP of AUTODESK 123D is a CAD software tool.DOES NOT CREATE A THUD IN 3D.ONE OF THE SOFTWARE IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD.THE COMPARED 3D and 2D models can be directly designed directly in a PC within a matter of seconds.SOFTWARE IS ONE OF THE USEFUL FORMS OF IT.SOFTWARE IS LEGALLY LICENSED.Despite its efficiency, it has an easy-to-use software application that is designed for simple operation.A LOT OF DESIGN ERS USE IT TO MAKE AND ABLE TO DO DESIGNS CREATE AND MAKE A LOT OF DESIGNS.USE OF THIS SOFTWARE APPLICATION IS SAFE. It works with all versions of laptops and computers in 3D and is free of interrupts.UNLIMITED models that you have access to in the content library can be saved easily.
In this application, you can create 3D models.They allow you to render your products quickly and easily. This tool allows modeling the interior, house, and so on. The app has many functionality and features that will be useful most of the time, as it is very fast and works well from beginning to end. On MacOS and Windows machines, it can be downloaded. A bundle is as convenient as using some other tools from that company also.
Using Autodesk 123D you can create 3D models in a wide array of configurations. Making something come to life requires creating a 3D model or importing other models, which are used as a base, before turning your creativity to adding new functionality. It allows you to print it with your own 3D printer. Also, it's able to be exported. Some free tutorials and movies are also included. It is used by artists and designers to enhance their skill set. While it's built for Windows, it does function at least on Windows 7.On an iPad as well as a PC, you can operate it.
Inventors have used this tool to come up with great new products for many years, and architects use it every day for great computer designs. As a whole, it is very worth a second look since, among others, they are critically important.
With autodesk 123D for Windows, you can automate your life easily. Creating and editing 3D designs and 2D models using this program is simple. This application runs smoothly and has an easy to use interface; the latest versions aren't much better but there are some tutorial videos if the beginner stage took over, if you want to practice a bit.
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