Auto Window Manager

by Eusing Software

Allows management of window sizing immediately upon launch

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eusing Software

Release: Auto Window Manager 1.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Auto Window Manager allows for the automatic management of the windows which the customer specifies in its command center. Software allows the client to set a customized layout when a browser or another program opens in a certain manner, for example a maximized form, that will accommodate the client's preferred style. These modes include: Staying on top does not work, just maximising, minimizing, or normalizing everything. In this case, the task is automatically performed without prompting, so the user has the choice of doing the job themselves, or not being required to manually do it.

In fact, the software works with programs that work with most of the major ones, like Web browsers and notepads. This ensures the user doesn't have to deal with it after it's run in the system tray. Furthermore, it automatically does so when the computer is started, so you will not have to deal with this in the beginning. These include: Aligning the window on top, adjusting transparency, and resizing the windows are always the best options. Also, the software allows auction sites' users to choose a set trigger interval for allowing it to refresh websites.

Many different websites have given the service an average rating, despite having an outdated version due to being only compatible with Windows 95,98, ME/2000,XP-2003, and Vista. There is another limitation: the system cannot be used on MacOS/Linux. Additionally, the program is free to use and comes with a setup guide that can help users learn the system's requirements. For those currently using an older system, the program would need to be upgraded for later versions of Windows, however it would work great with modern versions.

Saves time by maximizing, minimizing and other forms of adjusting automatically upon launch

  • Maximizes/Minimizes Tabs
  • Minimize to tray feature/Stay on top feature
  • Window alignment/resizing
  • Automatic browser refresh, at optional intervals
  • Allows for adjustment of window transparency
You can use this as a program to set up your windows when you're working on your computer. Specify your preferences of how your windows should be placed (shown above). top left, center). Adding transparent or aligning your windows is also possible. Almost no configurations are needed, and setting them up is a breeze.
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