Auslogics Internet Optimizer

by Auslogics Software Pty Ltd

A installation to modify about 80+ network and browser configurations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Auslogics Software Pty Ltd

Release: Auslogics Internet Optimizer 2.0.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

As soon as I installed the software, I noticed it will take me to a third party website called to check my speed. Since I clicked on "Analyze," I am able to observe it seems it has its own testers as well. In my review, I found it to be a useful tool. This small pop-up window displays the Analyze report.This window looks almost like Windows Task Manager, but simpler. A few recommendations about certain things seem to be nonspecific. A "Socket Receive Buffer Length" of 8 kbytes may be applied to it, which is then set at 23kbytes. It says in ECN Capability it is enabled on my Windows machine, but in my case, the message is disable on it as recommended by Auslogics. It can choose either auto optimization and manual optimization. Since I didn't think we needed to change several items, I'm going to copy the manual along with it.

You can also choose the Program Settings option on the menu. It would be helpful to have the Rescue Center with me in case any issues occur.

In addition to the Back to General Settings button, what is the General button?? Depending on the system configuration, either the default "General" setting is used in Windows in place of Auslogics or the original "General" configuration on my computer. This is confusing. Alternatively, if I are browsing Manual settings, I may wish to click back Auto Optimization in the list. Yet it seems that all of its 30 recommendations have been lost. Unless I'm a programmer, I'm not sure how long this program will take to learn. I have experience with programming, but it's not enough. I find the option Restore Default settings confusing. I'm wondering whether this is really what I'm setting, or if the default settings are really what I'm setting. As well as DisablePIPv6, this feature should also be used on IPv4. This feature is enabled on my system at the moment. It is possible that this process might result in faster speeds. Surprisingly, it recommends a huge change in size, from my initial settings of 16 kbytes to 24 es strange, it recommends a HUGE change of TCP Window size from my setting of 16 kbytes to 24,820 kbytes. In addition to this, I am surprised without understanding or identifying terms in the MSDN or Microsoft socket. In the recommended settings, like increasing the DNS Cache timeout and server info timeout, it seems peculiar. It is strange that I need to wait longer for timeouts since I am using a scanning software. Its interface is bland, however I like it for scanning.

When enabled in Manual mode, the vast majority of these settings are determined by a large tree node of about 100 plus items. Like ECN Capability. That answer to my question seems to come from its ability to set a Default. My original default settings appear not to have been saved and, however, I can now save them individually as well. They are a bit short but helpful, so I think that. I am unable to find any information about trusted sources or MSDN websites from the browser, even though the software tells me it can. Which browser? The underlying Mozilla? Why does Microsoft Edge seem the Microsoft Edge, Firefox? Despite its thoroughness, this program doesn't offer complete assurance on technical matters. This would improve assurance if there had been testing or scenarios presented. What tests do you perform using Wireshark like: real-test, ip test, ip test, e some Wireshark actual tests, or geographic tests, like how many nodes do I have? Does it test my router? My hub?

It seems to make a desktop system work better by being more efficient, disabling unnecessary settings or increasing other configurations

  • Using the Auto mode, it scans the system and compiles a list from 80+ settings Automatically ready to change with one click

  • Allows the same changes to be toggled independently using the Manual mode

  • Provides explanations of each configuration within the tool itself, to better know what I am changing

  • Comes with a built-in "Rescue Center" allowing me to backup or revert to any certain settings

While some auto heuristics appear rather detailed and seem like big changes from what I already have, none of them are as accurate in that they would revert my settings back to nothing. When in Manual mode, it takes less than a second to change 88 of the 87 configuration options.

You can optimise and launch all the programs in seconds with Auslogics Internet Optimizer for Windows. As well as speed, data rates and work, our system allows anyone regardless of ability to do fantastic work to work in a very short period of time. When it comes to customer service, no company or brand compares.
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