Audio Sliders

by Code Sector Inc.

Audio Sliders is a Volume Control that is five times smaller than its Windows counterpart

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Code Sector Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Audio Sliders is a sound tuning program that is 5 times smaller than the standard Windows sound tuning tool. Maintain the clear and easy-to-use stateThis program is easy to use, thanks to its friendly interface. You can adjust your volume, bass, and other settings quickly. Total volume, sound, synthesizer, power supply, front, rear, loudspeaker, microphone, and CD volume can all be adjusted. Audio Sliders supports multiple soundcards and different settings for each one.

Having access to system information also makes it easier. On the last tab, you can see information about the CPU load, the memory consumption, the system time, and so on.

- Hotkeys: By default, the key combinations are set so that you can change the settings immediately from the keyboard, while the main audio player controls track playback too. For operations such as: Set key combinations. How to activate/hide windows, how to raise and/or lower volume, etc.

- Support for multiple sound cards: With Audio Sliders, you can switch between two or more sound cards simultaneously. The management of them can be done on one tab. From the system tray, you can modify specific parameters of a sound card;

- What are the skins and interface languages? d interface language: There are several beautiful skins for the program interface available. You can translate the interface in 17 different languages currently. There are 1 adjustment slider per 200-255x16 pixels.

- System information: Besides audio control, Audio Sliders acts as a system monitor which provides information such as RAM usage, CPU loading, etc.

Yes, it is the same audio tools that come into the majority of computers, just smaller. Why is it important e for this? This product does not come with anything I don't already have. I wouldn't even use it.
It appears to be a tool for tuning sounds. The purpose of this is to enable artificial bass and audio. There is no benefit to artificial sounds and sound settings other than volume should only be managed by a proper audio interface when using one.
Software like Audio Sliders allows sound tuning to be carried out on computers efficiently and effectively. You can use this application software tool much more easily and quickly than you will using Windows sound tuning software. With the help of this software tool, the users are now able to use it a lot.If anyone uses the software, they will find it an easy to use interface. Multiple sound cards can be played through this software tool. During the mention of CPU usage and memory usage, it provides information. Volume and sound can be adjusted across the board for both the system and external devices. Windows Operating Systems come with this tool.
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