Audio Router

by WinCore

allows you to change the audio output depending on which program you are using.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WinCore

Release: Audio Router 0.10.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Audio Router for Windows is an application that allows you to select a specific output for different apps. Unlike other free downloadable programs, e download program that does not take space on your computer while being a one-man band.Make sure all your programs have the correct audio settings.


  • A single application can be run simultaneously while two different applications are used.
  • It does not need to be installed to your computer, it can be downloaded and extracted from a zip file.
  • Can change the volume levels for different programs and will save those settings.
  • It can also remember which apps require headphones or speakers.

Other options, such as Banana or CheVolume, may be available, but AudioRouter lets you interact immediately with the program. Therefore, it doesn't need to be reinstalled since it can be run on a wide variety of devices.No precious computer storage space is taken when this program is downloaded multiple times. Using this app, users will be able to play videos while listening to music at the same time, and at different settings for different applications. This can easily be solved in the event that one is too distracting, allowing the user to both enjoy the same application while using another. It allows you to play one application through your headphones while using a different one. The ability to be listening to anything in your room at the same time while avoiding excessive distractions will ensure your audio experience is also enjoyable for others. can also be used with BluetoothAny audio hardware that allows you to run compatible speakers. Using it in Windows computers provides you with the freedom to disable VLC Player or Windows Media Player - two default programs you're no longer able to use.

A portable application that does not require installing on your computer.
Because of this software, I have been able to solve a wide variety of problems. There are many benefits including ease of use, long battery life, and the ability to keep changing settings for different applications on the fly. Despite its free nature, I often rely on this program.
I think this is very beneficial for those of you who tend to spend most of their time doing both on computers. Using the volume control app, if you enjoy watching videos on your TV and listening to music, it is able to limit the volume of both devices. My computer would be a great place to install this program.
Harrison Daniel
As a result of using this software, I am able to route my audio so as to be able to hear at the appropriate volume the sounds that I am listening to. Installing it was a breeze. On an introductory video, I found that the controls were quite straightforward.
Using Audio Router for Windows can give me a better chance of making music and audio. In addition to transferring audio, The software allows me to make use of it in other ways such as interacting with an audio studio or DAW. This allows me to create effects on the audio, as well as combine different audio output sounds into a harmonious mix. My options in creating sound recordings and music have now become more numerous thanks to this development.
As I'm sitting here, it is so amazing. Through it you can control multiple audio streams and devices at once. All audio transfer rights are taken care of by this software.
You can customize this software pretty much, especially since some programs won't allow you to remove audio for certain reasons. One drawback is that some Windows programs can be dated or limited, which means you may not be able to customize the sound output device. Thankfully, there is an application on the market called Audio Output by Tune which gives you a complete customization process. People who prefer to project sounds to external speakers, projectors, or smart home devices will truly enjoy the sound they create.
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