Audials Radiotracker

by Audials AG

Online radio player with recording abilities

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Audials AG

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With over 80 percent of conventional radio listening being new to online radio, it is now possible to listen to a wide range of genres. There are a large number of online radio stations, many of which you can find via social media and the Internet. For internet radio stations, song titles, artist information, release dates, album addresses, and other info about a song can automatically be displayed. Even though you will feel the pain of hearing a song, you will never be able to identify the artist or what it was called. And with a powerful software tool like Audials Radiotracker for Windows, you will not only be able to quickly lookup and identify the name of the song and artist you are listening to, but also quickly and easily record an MP3 or other format of an audio file, complete with track information directly from your online radio player.

There is a library of over 100,000 internet radio stations available anytime online, anywhere, or wherever you connect to the internet; more stations will be added daily. More than 20,000 of these stations come from the internet. You can now choose your preferred genre of music or talk radio, discover it, and find recommendations for new stations based on the kind of music you like, along with listening preferences. We've simplified the experience of accessing and recording online radio stations by providing free online applications for listening to, recording, and searching across genres - no longer just broadcast stations at your local or regional level - and helping you discover stations throughout the world.

By recording your favorite radio shows on your computer and keeping them legally and quickly available, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows all over the world for years to come. Audials Radiotracker even includes a wishlist feature that helps you find the songs you are looking for and keep track of what you want to download. In addition to music, internet radio provides audiences with entertainment beyond music in the form of a variety of podcasts, which reach over 120,000 and can be downloaded for quick listening when the podcast is available for a given audio listening program.In addition to the built-in apps and programs available today, the new piece of software has new features. Download this program as soon as you can for your music tastes and talk shows.

Allows you to listen to and record any online radio station

  • Constantly updating database of 100,000+ radio stations
  • Supports all major streaming formats (MP3, AAC, WMA, and others)
  • Search functionality to help you discover new radio stations by genre, country of origin, stream quality, stream file format, and more
  • Automatic suggestion generator that finds you stations similar to the ones you listen to most
  • Powerful recording tool that allows you to create recordings of individual songs, complete with song information
Unlike riadonary software is specially designed for Windows. I can use this software in order to track the Radio Stations around my location. While it's impossible to go online, we prefer listen to soothing radio. Our favorite songs are recorded as well as a choice of saving them as part of the online entertainment program, which makes recording an enjoyable experience. It is User-There are no complicated things to do with this method as is often the case. It is recommended for users of Audials Radiotracker Software who enjoy listening to the radio that they use. Our lives can be simplified in just seconds when we find Radio stations near us.
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