by Alex Aranda

A software designed for Windows, Mac and Linux that helps to manage audio.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alex Aranda

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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aTunes is a powerful multifunctional cross-A platform player capable of organizing music collection organizer and creating mp3 tracks through Audio player with music collection organizer and recording capability from Audio-CD. Several popular formats are supported, such as mp3, ogg, wav, wma, flac, mp4, ape, mpc, mac, radio streams, and podcasts currently have these options.

aTunes is written in the Java programming language (Java 5), using Swing, which makes the application easily portable.

- Player that supports mp3 and mpeg files; mp3 mp3 and ogg player;

- ID3v1 tags contain the words Ogg and ID3v1.1 and ID3v2;

- Tag editor;

- Song lyrics should have pictures: Show this for your song: If you have images created inside ID3v2, they would be within a folder or in an extract.

- Creating and saving mp3u playlists in m3u format;

- Sort through songs using a tag or folder.

- A quick search is performed based on filters;

- Albums, songs, and artists are categorized based on how they appear best with others;

- There is no conflict with any of the controls; a complete picture with all the controls;

- multiple windows;

- OSD (like amaroK);

- Competing languages include the following languages: In addition to English, the languages of Spain, Italian, French, and German are also present.

- Use of statistics: Listening to songs, artists, or albums more often and often than usual; Previous listens to song/artist/albums to most popular songs and artists.

- The program management icon can be found in the system tray for Windows and Linux.

- playlist filter;

- Analyzers and data processors for the spectral and wave regions, as well as the power sector.

- People supporting each other on the issues.

The product seems like it would be good for everyone. There's a great idea about sharing the lyrics of the song when playing so people like it. That's awesome. This player sounds wonderful. As good as that sounds outside of a sound card on (a) it seems to work best with audio features; (b) by focusing only on audio modes, it makes up for its lack of other tools. Thanks for reminding me that sounds good -has never developed a skill in java - but only focus he never having mastered a java-The time needed to learn this program will be invested in making the app a basic music application. Programmers take pleasure in learning more about the architecture behind aTunes. My approach is, however, to help people organize music easily using software programs.
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