aTube Catcher

by DsNET

Using video downloader and converter software, you can get videos from the web to your computer via the internet.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DsNET

Release: aTube Catcher 4.2.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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aTube Catcher is explicitly designed for personal computers with the Microsoft Windows operating system. aTube Catcher provides a PC user the ability to download videos from the internet. As well as Mobile devices, Android-based phones can utilize aTube Catcher. More than a million people have downloaded it.

There are several features in the gallery...

  • Make it easier to download videos from the Internet.

    Users of aTube Catcher can find uploaded videos on multiple online video platforms, including YouTube.
  • A stream catcher is included.
  • Quickly create Mp3, Wave, or WMA playlists from a YouTube playlist.
  • Comes with a Screen Recorder.
  • This device comes with an integrated video converter.
  • DVD/Blue Ray CD Creator required.
  • You'll also get an audio recorder with this device.

After downloading aTube Catcher onto your computer, your desktop will appear as if you are wearing a baseball glove once this software product has been installed.

Video can be downloaded via the aTube Catcher.3gp, .3g2, .avi, .xvid, .mp2, .mp3, .mp4, .wma, .wmv, .gif, .flac, .flv, .wav, .psp, .mpg, .vob, .ogg, and .mov formats.

Also available in other languages are several versions of aTube Catcher in English and various other languages.

With the Screen Recorder, you'll be able to minimize your screen, get set before starting your presentation and run stop, so that your presentation begins before getting set. Along with displaying the mouse cursor, the Screen Recorder permits you to perform a presentation in your view.

aTube Catcher includes a feature for you to perfect your presentation before setting it in a video format in order to take advantage of subsequent video editing. The Screen Recorder can then copy and paste your video recording into an album without being able to retrieve it right away. By signing on to Screen Recorder on aTube Catcher, you will be able to keep your presentations in a video format that supports their recording. A Video is able to be played back using any file location that works with aTube Catcher.

By default, YouTube Catcher detects your presentation as a video media format, however it does offer you the option to pick from a variety of sound formats that complements your presentation.

By using aTube Catcher, you can upload videos from your PC to a platform that allows viewing online.

There are two versions of this product, a free one and a paid one.

rocio santiesteban
Although this product initially does seem quite good, its features cannot be ignored since they would be considered outdated. In order to save you tube files, conversion options are already present on you tube channel. A supplemental program would not do this. In addition, browsing the internet makes me want to think of picking up too many unwanted things. In view of the fact that many of today's cds and blue rays are almost out of date, this is not a very useful idea. Only the voice recorder keeps this one semi useful.
Blake Britt
A Tube Catcher for Windows uses an app that lets you download videos (from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Microsoft Bing) and store your screen history. The tool allows you to save recorded online videos so that you may edit them later or use them offline just for reference.
Software called aTube Catcher for Windows lets users upload videos for no fee. A transformer for Windows as well as providing power. There are many websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo through which you can upload video. Additionally, aTube Catcher's Windows features aTube Catcher for Windows comes in several different languages, ensuring that it fits right into people's lives on earth as well. Furthermore, people can also make MP3 audio-compression on their devices with the assistance of Tube Catcher (Windows only). According to the official website, aTube Catcher for Windows is used for several tasks online (see below).
The best damn halal I ever tasted was done by This is the best haha!! you can make videos and download anything on the Internet. Of course!! It would also be great to have a Webinar on here, it was incredibly easy to make. My presentation will also be an interactive one. As far as Internet shopping carts are concerned, this is pretty comprehensive. My friend, I am aware it won't sound old, but I'm still capable of making CDs and DVDs.
I downloaded theTube Catcher today. Almost nothing I had for a while, but it's exactly what I have been looking for. In the past few years, I'd like to be able to hold back video clips from online videos without downloading everything. Having said that, I am happy with what I have seen. With it you can set up your video with almost any format, so you don't need an entirely bunch of separate software to accomplish the job.
Users of aTube Catcher can view video files via the software. Video downloads can be downloaded using this software to a computer by users from different websites. In the event that the video gets deleted or becomes public, this software makes it possible to edit the videos while they're still viewing. There's aTube Catcher for Windows, too.
We all keep thinking that a certain solution to accessing restricted video sites may yet come out. Of course this will involve some compromises, i'd say. because they're able to take your data and load it onto your device and make it available anywhere, any time, in fact they can access it from another site to do so so so it really serves as an asset if you want to share video content at any moment. Ultimately, this is a finding, though I won't know for sure whether it is legal. I am thankful that you responded and will make sure you try.
There's a video catcher that uses your Internet activity to allow you to download videos from anywhere using the Internet... With respect to other video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, but not all of them. This is a recommended application, since video downloads from the Internet tend to drain me quickly. As well as recording video, converting it to a timeline, creating a schedule and resizing it can also be done with ATube Catcher. all for free!
The aTube Catcher allows video download with more capabilities than a typical video downloader. A screen can be recorded, so if you do a webinar, or you do a video, you can do anything with it. The capability to record the video and burn the video onto a CD or DVD has long been considered a very useful feature even though people largely disregard that function these days. I like this one.
It is difficult to convert videos or obtain general videos the most frequently. Because aTube Catcher allows you to automate these simple tasks now on Windows, those issues have been put to an end. With ATube Catcher for Windows, users can view, convert, and record videos. The best part about it is that the media is actually free. Managing media is a lot easier this way.
Using aTubers may be the first thing you do when you first begin using computers with Windows operating systems. Windows applications run a little smoother with the software. You can do this much more easily.
Using this app, you can also record videos as well as extract videos for your screen. It's very efficient to look at videos this way. The free application also makes using computers easier as it helps conserve bandwidth as well as saving money on each device. general I think people have a lot of options for downloading on the PC however this particular video is very efficient as far as I can tell.
Until now, I don't even begin to imagine what I will be able to enjoy once Windows becomes its companion. Without it, my internet life would never be the same. All my videos I have downloaded from all of my favorite video sites, like YouTube,vimeo, and Facebook are then exported to devices such as my iPad, phone, and mp3 player. My life has been made easier because I have used it. I didn't realize I needed the software until now.
Easily download videos and download screen shows with This one. As an app for aTube Tracker, it lets you manage transfers and figure assets quickly and easily. An all-in-one video downloader with the ability to make, download, record, and resize media, aTube Catcher can also make photos, videos, and sound effects. There is an aTube Catcher free software which lets you download YouTube recordings among other comparisons. Recording files can be shared locally from this program. Although it has been free for quite some time, aTube Catcher does have a number of elements that you haven't seen many others offer. You can use it to deal with quite a few document types.
For me, aTube Catcher for Windows is the best thing you can do to download videos that I have on hand, because it scrapes an impressive number of all the top most popular video hosting sites, including but not limited to YouTube and Vimeo. As an added bonus, a full video stream can be captured in snapshots and downloaded onto my PC, making it possible to watch it later.
You can download clips from more than 50 video hosting and video sharing websites including YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Video in this Windows application named Atube Catcher. In addition to recording video feeds and storing them on your computer's hard drive, it's also a great free add-on to your web browser for video lovers. Using the organization and order of the various functions of this screen, operations can be controlled from one window. Actions can be carried out in this program without much difficulty and there's no need to worry about being interrupted. All you need to do is install the program and get started. This is a program everyone should try because its installation is effortless.
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