Atomic Email Hunter

by AtomPark Software Inc

It collects email addresses. This software offers storage for email user’s names from different websites

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AtomPark Software Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Atomic Email Hunter is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to automatically search for email addresses in forums and websites. When a user selects a site, its search criteria are set for that candidate to perform, as detailed above. create an electronic database as quickly as possible using this tool.mail addresses of potential customers of your company or enterprise. Atomic Email Hunter uses its own powerful algorithms to search for Atomic Email Hunter. Masks can be created automatically and new addresses can be observed in the database using the program.

This program enables you to search for various types of electronic content not just for e-mail.Additionally, Atomic Email Hunter can access personal information about users in several different ways, such as emails, social media accounts, etc. It can find emails that you have sent out as well as your private information about them, which you can keep updated in your Atomic Email Hunter settings. An accessible command line allows the program's control.

- 100% of the system has been automated;

- The depth and mask of the search can both be set in this article; ;

- Individual information regarding users may be searched; ;

- nice user interface.

Identifies and removes unwanted emails and user names on a system. It would be a great advantage if companies all over the world could utilize this software product. These are things that make this program so nice.
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