by Atom

A multi platform (Mac, linux and windows) that allows cross-platform use for your projects,

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Atom

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Atom is a program for editing text and program code with the most pragmatic interface. Furthermore, the script can work with almost any encoding or format of text file. If desired, Atom can be used quite successfully as a file manager. Built-in "viewer" allows you to easily switch between files and folders, move text documents "one at a time" and in bulk, as well as comfortably view the directory structure tree list.

Like most modern text editors, Atom opens new files in separate tabs, working like a web browser. Users are able to organize and copy information between documents with this program. Open tabs remain stored in the program until they are closed unless the setting has been set to not store them. There are themes that are heavily emphasized in darkness and dull tones as shown in default settings. It would seem that anyone working a lot with text (especially at night) would probably identify more easily with these colors. While working in dark rooms, the black background reduces fatigue. Not even cutting through the shadows can distract you from your tasks. This design is frequently employed in night mode graphic shells, the kind most text editors and "readers" provide.

Software like Atom can be totally free. It can be useful for developers, copywriters, and anyone else who wants to be able to produce creative content without needing Microsoft Office programs to handle.

- There's a convenient file manager integrated with the tree viewing function in this list;

- Functions used to highlight text in a syntax;.

- Mass separation, as well as multiple cursor ation and multiple cursor work;

- It is compatible mostly with existing coding systems that use d text file formats;

- is completely free.

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