The ASUS PC Probe gathers vital data from the computer as well as displaying system information that lets you know its operation.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ASUS

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ASUS PC Probe is a free program designed to test the hardware performance of ASUS motherboards. In order for a file system to operate correctly, it must be properly controlled through fundamental system operations and processes. Nevertheless, the hardware part of the system will really affect the outcome. motherboards function properly if they do so correctly.

By using this application, you can monitor the functional status of several ASUS motherboard components, including bus frequency, RAM speed, AGP, PCIE, CPU temperature, IDE and SATA controller operation mode, as well as voltage generated by the system's power supply unit and peripherals. Using RAM and free disk space are another interesting aspect to monitor on the system.

Once installed, the ASUS PC Probe is placed on the taskbar and, with the help of an audible alarm system, informs the user each time the temperature or voltage exceeds the set threshold. As well as overclocking the system parameters, the overrun thresholds should also increase if you intend to raise performance levels.

is user-friendly and nicely designed.The motherboard functions divided into functional elements based on a common interface.

In this utility, you can measure crucial information inside your computer, such as fan raketations, voltage, and temperature.
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