ASUS PC Diagnostics

by ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

An all-in-ASUS PC diagnostic software for components for hardware and PC diagnostic software for components of an ASUS PC.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Release: ASUS PC Diagnostics

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ASUS PC Diagnostics utility (for Windows) is an easy to use way for ASUS PC users to gain system information about the PC and perform hardware diagnostics tests such as stress tests. freeware that is available free download from websites providing other file sharing services as well as as bundled computers, such as ASUS PCs. There's nothing inherently wrong with ASUS releasing an update on your computer since it was directly connected to their computers, so the possibility of incompatibilities can be minimized. The diagnostic tool has the following features:


  • Shows system CPU, operating system, memory, and motherboard
  • Can send error reports directly to ASUS
  • Can automatically test system components
  • Stress test displays whether components have passed or failed tests

With an easy to use, sleek graphical interface, this utility performs well and is of the quality one could expect from ASUS.

Because ASUS provides it directly from their PC manufacturing facility, this diagnostic utility enables you to perform your best performance test.

It may not work with all operating systems, but should run very comfortably on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, and 8.1.Either 32-bit, 32-bit, or 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP are acceptable.bit or 64-bit setup.

It is possible to download an ASUS file that supports x64.

Aaron W.
Using ASUS PC Diagnostics as a computer utility app is sure to yield impressive results. Despite its market value, ASUS is a well-respected brand in the PC industry, and this app is therefore much more valuable than it's worth. only for computers, with no way for it to support older versions of Windows, and has extended support up to now-applicable OSes for Windows 10 and later. Additionally, it's available as 32-bit only.bit and 64-bit.
In particular, there is an abundance of pictures here which makes it more user-friendly. A feature to make the website more accessible to multilingual visitors is also a wonderful idea. I also think that this feature might benefit the website in the future. overall, great site!
This is great. During my benchmarking tests, I compared different sets of computers using this device. As long as accurate information was available quickly, I enjoyed the results. With this help, I was able to identify a few programs draining my CPU. Good stuff.
Through ASUS PC Diagnostics for Windows Application, users have the opportunity to see information about their system. CPU, operating system, memory, and motherboard can be viewed and the system components detected and analyzed automatically. It sends errors to the ASUS server via email. This software will not disappoint you.
Computer tests can be run on PC Diagnostics from ASUS for Windows for free. Windows systems only need to run this software, however. Running a series of tests to identify internal problems like battery usage and memory strain is one of its features. We recommend this free tool if you need a handy program for your Asus computer.
Samuel Burris
ASUS PC Diagnostics is an amazing program that gives users an insight into their operating system and system configurations. Windows users can identify and address performance issues in their PCs by taking the diagnostic test after they have run it. An ASUS PC Diagnostics program is available at no charge for individuals that want an economical way to maintain the efficient operation of their Windows machines.
In fact, I love ASUS PC Diagnostics for Windows since I can take an ASUS PC Diagnostics test and look for any sign of hardware problems. Therefore, I have full compatibility with my ASUS PC as it is specifically made and produced by ASUS, resulting in the automatic reports that show errors that are caused to ASUS every time I run it.
There are no hidden extras for showing your computer's most basic information. There are things like display parameters for the computer, transfer codes to ASUS directly, and diagnostics, and so on. It's important to have an efficient program that monitors system information for anyone needing assistance. I highly recommend it to all as it is simple to use and great value.
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