ASUS MultiFrame


Dictate how you use windows on your screen

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ASUS

Release: ASUS MultiFrame

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ASUS MultiFrame allows users to dictate how they want their windows on their screens, it allows them to not have to use multiple screens or monitors because it takes up their entire screen, ASUS MultiFrame will allow you to properly and efficiently utilize all the programs/screens on your monitor to the point where you aren't forced to have multiple monitors to display all your data. Because it analyzes mouse movement, you can better see ways to use the screen and all its windows more easily. Because of ASUS MultiFrame's high efficiency, its compact design, and its high performance, it will allow you to gain information and analyze data more quickly. You can use it on any Windows version with any feature like 7, 8 or 10 without having to install any drivers on your computer. You are able to work from anywhere - it is easy to access.Because it's designed so that there's no overlap between your displays, it doesn't force you to create one specific design, it allows for you to dictate the way it's performed, without needing to do it all by yourself.


  • easy to use
  • free to use
  • Doesn't overlap windows
  • Fully customizable

the conclusion is that ASUS MultiFrame will allow you to flourish in a work environment or just a home environment when using your computer or laptop, it makes it so the windows on your computer don't overlap or have to bother you at all. The feature set can be tailored completely to your needs and is also available for unlimited usage if you frequently use a computer where windows overlap frequently, so ASUS MultiFrame is the right application for you. It's completely customizable, so please try it at this time or at another time that suits

You will have more than one monitor with multiple screens.
James Peetz
One screen can be viewed on multiple screens with this app. This asus program does not require any installation prioritizes so easily. This program can easily be used without much instruction.A very simple to use online video downloader and work with multiple screens. so interesting app.
Muhammad Adame
MultiFrame on the ASUS website provides the advantage of quickly dividing the windows, as well as transferring the windows when you open many windows from one app. The result is that you can share data with the other person on the web as well. Even doing a presentation requires Extend Windows of Multiframe.
In order to organize desktop images, ASUS MultiFrame Windows enables users to do so with ease using ASUS monitors. With the right combination of Windows 7 and 8, as well as Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, four windows can be opened at once. In addition, the software is free.
Windows users of an Asus monitor using An Asus MultiFrame have the option of being able to access the program. By using this software, people will be able to easily navigate through a lot of windows in their desktop and arrange them in a way that doesn't mess up their personal screens.
This is a great piece of software and great to have at no charge. I can easily organize my files on my ASUS monitor because of it. Basically, it works within seconds. Whenever I work from two monitors, I can complete multiple tasks at the same time using this option. I recommend this tool highly for its practical use as well as its life-saving features.
Using ASUS Multiframe is very simple; it gives users the option of moving tabs, or programs into a specific order so that they can be seen more clearly and easily, and also helps users stay in touch with important information from multiple programs at once.
Utilities are provided by this program. By using this software, a user is able to easily divide and transfer the tabs of multiple windows, both online and offline. Users can browse the web and use data relatively simply as a result.
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