by ASUSTeK Computer Inc

See and control every aspect of your GPU

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ASUSTeK Computer Inc

Release: ASUS GPU Tweak

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The ASUS GPU Tweak for Windows is a program that when running on your computer, can give you insights as to what the GPU is doing during certain tasks. The GPU is an object that consists of an output chip and a GPU or graphics processor. People who run highly energy-intensive programs on their computers, such as games, editing software, and rendering software, should purchase this product. The ASUS GPU Tweak is am easy to use interface that allows you to see and control your GPU like never before.

An excellent package containing: ence: Complete with 4 main features: Overclock mode, gaming mode, silent mode, and my profile.

Overclock mode when used can show you just how powerful your computer is and exactly what it can handle, it also can be run when playing very demanding games to give you the best gaming experience.

Your computer is able to run more energy-saving programs when it uses more power.

As a default, ASUS graphics cards come equipped with Gaming Mode, meaning you can play games for very long periods of time without impacting the performance of your computer in any way.

Depending on the activity, silent mode may be sufficient for certain tasks. When doing such minimal tasks as watching videos or listening to music, a quieter cooling system may be implemented.

I am a user profile where I have a variety of different settings that I can adjust easily with just a few clicks and allow multiple users to access the same functionality. Additionally, it keeps track of the different profiles when you are playing by adjusting those when you click on the Tweak when they appear.

The perfect program to have on your computer for those who spend a lot of time and energy rendering things on the fly, such as gamers, editors, or artists, giving you access to never-before-seen details about your GPU's performance.

Multiprofile support makes the most of this awesome tool, making it super easy to use.

ASUS GPUs are compatible.

Keep track of how much power your computer can run by using ASUS GPU. During normal operation, a fan can be somewhat silent - so you'll be able to enjoy the best possible gaming experience. The GPU tracks all the tasks your GPU accomplishes for you as long as you have access to the computer.
Thomas Castro
All of its features can be accessed easily through its intuitive interface, offering a wide range of functionalities. It's also great that you can access all that from any device.the-fly, even in-game ─ all with one click
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