by Aspia Software

Free open source for file transfer on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aspia Software

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Last revision: Last week

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Aspia is a small free utility designed to display the most detailed information about your PC - PC hardware, peripherals, operating system functions, and the ability of many other processes are all explained here. The Aspia program is not only completely free, but also has open source code.

It is easy to export data captured by the program to CSV, HTML, INI, RTF, and other formats or to simply display the document when opened. Upon launching Aspia, users will receive a detailed report detailing all device and equipment that have been detected on the system. Once the application launches again, Aspia will continue analyzing the data and offering additional support to users with the latest version of the program.

Aspia has a wide variety of features, and it supports almost any kind of hardware or operating system. Aspia constantly replenishes the base of the recognizable iron, ensuring an excellent solution for PCs operating at all temperatures, both classic and high-performance models. Furthermore, the Aspia program is completely free.

- Information about every PC device and program can be displayed here.

- Information regarding the operating system, system folders, font files, desktop settings and much more.

- Reports regarding unknown devices detected on detected unknown devices to the developer.

- Regular updates

- operating systems, 32, and 64 bit versions.

This program does not provide many benefits. The same amount of time it would take to conduct a simple Google search would be required for a user to display information like this using a program like this. Users may have different reasons for doing this more frequently, but for them this service isn't very useful in the real world.
This software tool helps to identify system information, which requires extensive analysis, so it can be used to identify key technical aspects of computers while editing them or trying to figure out what various computer variables are as a result of installing a hard drive, or trying to discern what RAM allocation means.
When prompted with Aspia, you will see information about your PC's features. This tool tells you a lot about you, your hardware, software, operating system, etc. As well as print out the information from the screen, you can also view it on the computer. When your IT person needs the information for some task, or if you need it to find out how well your computer works with certain programs, it can be quite handy.
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