Ashampoo Office 2018

by ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

An alternative to Microsoft Office in creating completed presentable documents for business

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ashampoo Office is one of the most productive, effective, and easy-to-use office you are on the corporate or home end of an office software program, you'll find it to work with your lifestyle. Advanced documents can be created fast and easily using powerful features, graphical charts can be enhanced for spreadsheets, and multimedia presentations can draw your customer's attention.

Whether your homework or work can be done, With Ashampoo TextMaker, Ashampoo PlanMaker's spreadsheet tools, or Ashampoo Presentations, we provide you with the office tools you need to complete your work safely and effectively.

In terms of open, working documents, the Ashampoo Office enables you to get work documents started using offices such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Furthermore, you will be able to install this office suite on a USB stick and use your Office applications on the go.


Ashampoo Office software is perfect. The use of computers in offices is also gentle - all of these applications provide a smooth user experience. In addition to removing the RAM and processor from your computer, you should not load a lot. One of the best word processors on the market right now is Ashampoo TextMaker TextMaker. There's nothing to worry about. It's simple, comfortable, and dependable. In addition to writing letters, you'll need an appropriate assistant to help locate errors. As a text editor, TextMaker is not the only one available. flyers, posters and drawings with the new functionality. This also gives you the capability of placing text, graphics, and drawings wherever your computer takes you. A key advantage of Ashampoo Office is the compatibility with Microsoft Office, so your collaboration won't be strained or broken with anyone using the popular office suite. Ashampoo PlanMaker combines Excel and more than 300 calculations you don't get from other calculation programs. As a result, you can process large tables more quickly. We can present findings by means of visual displays and presentations. In this module, you'll be able to create colorful, informative graphs by turning numbers into graphs. There will be 70 types of charts (2D and 3D) you can create, and you will be able to use either pie charts, pyramidal charts, bar charts, or other 3D diagrams (such as the pie chart). A selection of effects such as reflections, smooth shadows, You will find a variety of design templates, objects, and graphics that will help you produce the highest quality multimedia slideshows with the help of this program. With Ashampoo Presentations, animations and transitions are easily handled by an integrated DirectX layer. Come face-to-face with the latest in presentation graphics technology. Slide animation allows you to turn them over like pages of a notebook, create many other effects, and so on. On the other hand, Ashampoo Presentations also includes modest and diverse presentations.Having obtrusive effects that will give a presentation an air of authority and credibility is essential. With Ashampoo Presentations, you won't be able to see any boundaries. You can also apply effects such as reflection, shadows, transparency, etc. to the created presentation as well as create presentations in HTML, PowerPoint or other popular formats.

All functions:


- DOCX files should be opened, copied and saved ocu files in Microsoft Word format;

- Describe the new kinds of graphical effects like reflection, shadows, and transparency.

- Using the TextMaker, cut the pictures to make them aseps to enter the TextMaker;

- Smooth out all graphs and images in a high-performance video.

- The complete support of Microsoft Word.

- Document reading and downloading e Document and documents;

- Save files in RTF, HTML, Pocket Word, ASCII, and Unicode formats.

- you can create PDF and even Word documents directly from oopoo TextMaker;

- Ensure fields such as date, time, date line, number, author, do not differ by date, time, or number.numbers;

- Using these formulas, you can calculate your text and tables;

- A style sheet management application enables the creation of custom style sheets, as well as copying them as between files;

- kerning;

- Line breaks, paragraphs, and titles with numbering;

- By contouring your texts, you'll give them a personal touch; It allows them to be emphasized to the greatest extent possible.

- It records everything a person changes in the text. If the person changes it again later that night, he or she can undo what he or she has done.

- comments - Be sure to include annotations in all parts of your document;

- cross-Including footnotes, quotations at the end of the article, indexed text, and other elements.

- Creating interactive forms that can be filled in with forms, checkmarks, and drop-offs will be easy.down lists;

- Full-Drawing and image processing: If you don't draw and design directly on your document, your document is blank; g right in your document;

- automatic multi-It supports 20 languages; thesaurus, portit, etc.

- A complex formula editor;.

- The process for creating e-mails isn't difficult.The postal service (excluding faxes) provides indents.


- Importing the XLSX files from Microsoft Excel at low enough resolution to preserve the data.

- ASCII import/export;

- dBase import/export;

- Numbers of foreign links (signals sent from the outside to the external data sources); xtals that work in external data);

- By checking the form it can check if any errors have occurred within";

- auto-complete the cells;

- Multi-Displaying same-time listings at the search engine for one-time tasks.

- Various tables and formatting they simultaneously; rting several tables and formatting them simultaneously;

- Describe the new kinds of graphical effects like reflection, shadows, and transparency.

- The ability to crop images directly in PlanMaker.

- Charts and diagrams can now be drawn in more appealing ways: Create attractive graphs on diagrams: Make changes to graphics that will fit on your desktop. Transparent, smooth shadows, corners, etc.

- Excel spreadsheets for efficient document exchange;);

- There are more than 300 calculation functions.

- I support complex numbers, array functions, and Boolean functions).

- You can mark a number as a fixed decimal point, thousandth separator, as a percentage, as a share, as a time, or as a date; these forms of markings are available for numbers as currency as well.

- There are 70 varieties of charts (2D and 3D);

- Infinite time (i.e.e. 20:00 + 5:There is a difference between 0 and 1.00, but 25:00) is possible. Time formats with periods that are negative may also exist;

- A software program automatically finds the correct range of cells when performing auto-ssum; for example AutoProduct.

- Text file formats are different; ds with different text formats;

- It goes almost wholly without cancellation or repetition;

- Is it possible to freeze columns and rows?;

- the syntax highlighting;

- conditional formatting;

- Autoformatting: one click formatting;

- The cell walls are darkened, and some samples are filled.

- By using drop-keys, checkboxes and filled out fields, forms can be created with forms with filled fields.down lists, etc;

- Full-In this video, we show some image management features.

- Drawing in different formats, including, hand, rectangle, circle, etc;

- A comprehensive symbols library for all styles and sizes;

- By incorporating the TextArt module, it is possible to create effects for the fonts.

- Safety of all cells and the entire table from accidental and unintentional modifications; e protection of cells and the entire table from accidental and unintentional modifications;

- In terms of password protection and encryption;

- PlanMaker allows you to create PDF files right from the start.


- Using DirectX technology, great animations; smoother transitions; etc.

- Use these built-in fonts to easy export PowerPoint files to your computer.

- Provide HTML presentation export support. New graphical effects such as reflection, shadows and transparency;

- In PowerPoint, crop photos to suit your presentation; ng photos directly into Presentations;

- smoothing of curves;

- The idea of using a lot of attractive templates.

- Create the right color schemes, can switch between them instantly;

- Slide content can be easily edited using the slide tab; ;

- We have hundreds of objects and animations included in this collection.

- With regard to all popular formats: inserting images o insert images in all popular formats;

- AutoShapes (100% compatible with Microsoft AutoShapes);”;

- Audio and video insertion; keyframing; cropping and compression.

- an inbuilt outliner;

- Easy to sort and keep slides organized with your finger on the keyboard;

- If your second monitor or projector lacks support, launch a slide show.

- The virtual pointer allows you to perform interactive presentations and slideshows in the virtual world;

- Presentations without presenters; automatic; s without a presenter;

- Organize the PDF files within Presentations; ;

- Microsoft PowerPoint provides document exchange technology.

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