Aria Maestosa

An open source midi sequencer/editor

Operating system: Windows

Release: Aria Maestosa 1.4.13

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Aria Maestosa is a great sequencing, an editing tool that allows users to access a multitude of features to help their compositions be incredible. In addition to being an advanced software, it is also easily accessible, making it ideal for beginners as well as advanced ones. There are Mac OS X versions, Windows and Linux/Unix versions installed.


  • You can import and play midi files
  • You can easily compose and edit music
  • You can see and use musical score notation
  • You can see and use piano roll, tablature and drum views
  • You can print musical notation
  • You can record a MIDI instrument
  • You can enable looping a sub-portion of a song
  • There is support for bank select controller
  • Beat display for uncommon time signatures like 7/8, 8/8, 2/2, etc

Aria Maestosa is program musicians and aspiring musicians will love due to its easy to use interface and features that inspire creativity. The language used to construct it is C++. In addition to importing music they have already recorded, it provides users with the ability to use it in a more complex manner, such as creating original music with its interface. A variety of instruments such as drum tracks and guitars are able to be manipulated through the program. Users are praising the program. Simple, elegant, and user-friendly, it provides users with more convenience than other mobile apps. Almost anyone can benefit from access to this program. This includes novice musicians as well as those proficient in it. You can't overstate how great Windows users like this software. It is understandable why so many people have fallen deeply in love with it.

Users can easily create, edit, and record midi files by making a quick click through the Midi Creator/Editor-based open source Midi Sequencer/Editor project.Scores, keyboards, guitar strings, drums, and controllers can all be viewed through a friendly interface.

In many languages, versions can be updated periodically according to the user's experience and where bugs have been found.

Among the advantages of Aria Maestosa is that this Midi Sequencer/Editor will help you compose music for computers. In addition to being sophisticated, it isn't intimidating to new users on account of being new to the program. A music processor application like this one functions well; As a result, there is less emphasis put on the technical aspect of the process because it takes the focus off the creative part. Highly recommended.
It is an organized MIDI EDITING tool that ensures good use.It appears that many of the best features of the software are being overlooked by the user reviews.This software enables importing and playing MIDI files, exporting music with small easy steps. It features a printing feature, so you can place your printed notes.AND IN addition to being easy to access, the application makes user-friendly and a good experience.I love that this medium makes it easy for musicians to collaborate, but no one gets irritated by it.
Musicians and composers alike can use Aria Maestosa for their sequencing and edit needs. The files can be composed or imported and edited by users. The Aria Maestosa runs multiple operating systems simultaneously. Despite the simplicity of the design, the user experience is elegant and user-friendly.
Musicians will really enjoy this concert program. If the lyrics don't work with the scheme of some of the music, I edit them. Having no prior experience, this program was helpful to me in my preparation. A few words I believe sum it up.
Users like Aria Maestosa are used.This program can edit, create, compose and play Midi files for Mac users and Windows users with other platforms as well; see how this application compares with other music editing / composing software. You can choose from instruments like guitars, drums, keyboards, and controllers, and access the scores in the interface. Aside from five different languages (five different alphabets), the poem was composed in German. This section provides links to the six main languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. for musicians and students alike who wish to compose original compositions or pursue a career in music.
Leon Stafford
I haven't used any other app such as this before, but I'm happy with it. The statement gets right to the point. Easily edit, create, and edit midi files with only a few clicks. There is no need to spend time reading a lengthy user manual or dealing with ads and glitches. My phone started working within minutes of downloading mine.
Using this tool you'll be able to trim and edit PDF Midi files quickly. By using it, we primarily achieve workflow productivity with our system. Musicians who compose music will find this tool to be a truly invaluable tool. You may add additional comments as time permits.
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Midi files can be played, composed and edited with this tool. There is also the option of using keyboards and percussion instruments in newer versions.(3) A Midi instrument lets you print music notations, or to record music.! It is crucial to have this item if you wish to put your own spin on music. The teacher provided this as training. I was pleased that learning is easy.
This Midi Suite by Aria Maestosa lets you mix beautiful files with beautiful colors.Using this program you can easily create, edit, import, and copy Midis. Make sure to use a musical score notation and roll a sheet of music.
Aria Maestosa for Windows is one of my favorite applications since I can use it to boost my creativity. This Aria Maestosa should be considered a musical instrument if you count yourself as a musician. not only allows me to design and create my own Midi documents, but it will also allow me to customize the files and change them as needed. There is no need to do anything else with just a few clicks.
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