Run applications that conflict with your system locale parameters

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Launcher program that lets you launch applications whose language or region parameter is different from the locale parameters of your system without having to restart Windows by default.

Microsoft’s AppLocale can detect the language or region parameters of an application, and if those parameters conflict with the language/region settings of your system, it will run the application in a simulated, temporary “system locale” that is compatible with the application. The application can then be run without characters.It does not require resetting your computer's settings or restarting Windows to resolve screen issues or errors.


Users of AppLocale need not be concerned about their email addresses if they work for many other companies.You can install the applications in the Unicode region without having to reboot.
  • Makes changing system locale quick and easy
  • Detects locale (language and region) settings of applications
  • Bypasses system locale settings
  • Emulates non-Unicode locale settings for conflicting applications
  • Wizard-like user interface
  • Allows command-line arguments on application launch for added flexibility

A locale identifier consists of a set of identifier parameters that your computer uses to determine how to interpret and display characters on your screen. you must assign a system ountry code (like the United States) and a language code (like English). Run software in the next language you choose (say, Asia or Japanese) if the data that is being interpreted turns out to be gibberish.

It is possible to fix this issue by changing the setting of your system to match the software settings, followed by restarting. Even so, despite how well your alien application would work now, you'd have to wait till your local applications disable native locale settings.

AppLocale solves this problem by detecting the locale settings of your system and any application, and if there is a conflict, it will emulate the correct locale for the application, allowing you to run the software error free and without changing your system locale settings or restarting your computer.

It is virtually impossible to translate the characters in different locales (regions and languages) in today's software with Unicode encoding of characters. As a legacy utility, AppLocale is still useful for users over the age of ten.Unicode software applications.

Will Leung
This software covers so many topics that I am still not sure about. The program can be useful as it is able to automatically determine the local settings of certain applications. would be useful in non-entertainment.English software. The problem is that this automatically installs language modules.
Sandy Logan
In essence, AppLocale allows you to run different kinds of software that read data in different areas and languages on your computer based on a set of regional and language settings you have already set. As a traveling business, this product is very useful. Applications that don't take advantage of the Unicode converting function will benefit most from this feature.
You can interpret any site being written in one part of the world without having to change the settings on your computer, if you understand right. Since you would be able to leave your country and have a quick translation on the other end, that should benefit you.
It is my first time using soft radar so I am totally in love with their gaming apps. You can't get a better company. The games are great and their technology is unique.
Luca Jameson
Microsoft developed AppLocale as part of its Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 solutions. The application allows you to run any other program on a PC without having to leave your office.Using Unicode applications is convenient for a lot of users, but not every user has access to an AppLocale browser.There are a lot of Unicode applications, so it still isn't able to really provide a systemwide overview of all the possible locale configurations. It also requires some background font loading and Administrator privileges not to use at all. As it is not officially supported by the company, its use with Windows Vista or Windows 7, will not be supported. If you are using Vista or 7 and need to set up the AppLocale utility, you will either have to manually change the system locale or use an unofficial workaround.
The AppLocale software is made to make your device read non-PDF files.unicode programs. An English program will change when you use it. Technology professionals are likely to use it most commonly. My research indicates that the data you see on the screen right now is based on knowledge of the language in which it was created. But you might want to change it in Korean so we can make it more flexible. By setting the region's region-specific characters to this setting, the screen displays the proper ones.
It's awesome to use AppLocale for Windows XP. The program allows me to run outside of the box.Unicode applications. This short-cut feature allows you to click it in to launch it. The purpose is to make it easier for me to run non-Microsoft software.unicode. To be able to run it, fonts are needed from the locale. That's it.
In Win XP as a child, I used this tool right away as it fit my Windows 8 system PC. If I play Japanese games, I sometimes get stuck with strange characters and emojis which cannot be decoded by software. It's known that PCs in Texas can read ASCII files or uniCode only. Even when it meets characters (whether punctuations or words), it takes on a totally different meaning. Can I still listen to the narrated portions? I should be able to do so, but I'd be glad to know what the storyline entails, however I still want to know about how the storyline goes on the subtitles. I used AppLocale on a large number of non-technical tasks.Unicode applications.
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