by Kingnet Technology

Manage your IOS run iPhone/iPad devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kingnet Technology

Release: AppCola

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AppCola is computer software meant for computers using Windows that makes managing IOS cell phones and tablets easier.


  • Compress Photos
  • Manage Updates and Notifications
  • See Contacts, Messages and Call Logs
  • It's Free
  • Wallpapers and ringtone creation

This is a completely free administrative computer application that gives you more freedom around managing your IOS devices (phone or tablet). Unlike traditional phone applications, this app consists of partitioned tabs that allow you to see different aspects of your application refreshing, inspecting all photos, experiencing music libraries, viewing all your phone logs and messages. A few other advantages include being able to play multiple games at the same time. Once you have downloaded wallpaper and created your own ringtone, you're able to customize your device to your heart's content. You'll have the creativity you need to create the device you always envisioned as a masterpiece. A current iPhone must keep getting updated on new devices these days.

Managing your iPhone/iPad on this app makes it easier.

Transferring everything from an old iPhone or iPad for most people means that a large portion of your memory will already have been taken up by your old phone or tablet. When purchasing a new phone or tablet you might want to think about not having the ability to use it since it isn't enough room for additional features such as extra photos, music, or messages. The app is a simple tool for compressing old photos on your phone and saving a little space. When you use your computer, you can view all notifications and updates to your phone without having to navigate to Settings. That way you can get more user interaction in general.friendly experience.

Compression and file management alone have been shown to improve your overall iPhone experience.

This software is free and all you need is Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10 and 49.There is 68 MB of space within 68 MB.

sam dow
Managing your iPhone/iPad on this app makes it easier.
In order for my phone to work at all I could see, it was getting full up and I couldn't figure out what all the iTunes files were doing. This program has helped me with all kinds of issues, from looking at all the partitions and compressing their pictures to making sure space is clear. Anyone can use it if I can use it, I'd like to have it!!
has a lot of great features and is completely free to download. It's a utility tool that was meant for iPhones or iPads, but it has a Windows version that does the things it was designed for with the apple products AND has the bonus of being able to install updated games & apps quicker than you normally would. This also includes software downloads and photo management (lost image compression, a plus if you have a lot of photos). By connecting your iPhone to your computer, you're able to access files you might not otherwise be able to access since they're embedded deeply within your phone. means your phone will not use a lot of storage and you'll be able to compress your pictures. It's a no-brainer!
Miracle tool!! Here is an app that can assist you in managing everything in your life. I found it useful when I was having issues with managing everything in my life. We have made it easy to manage all your songs, videos, and documents!! You get the fastest and easiest installation possible, and you also get fast and easy updates to keep everything running smoothly. The app is very user-friendly and I highly recommend it.
I do not normally leave reviews, but I'm looking at the Appcola profile. This is an online tool for managing systems. Working ws optimized to Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. I love how it helps me manage my music, photos, and documents. Additionally, the program lets me perform system tweaks! In addition to scanning and fixing things, it also uses photo compression to reduce the amount of space required. In wallpapers, decorate rock. t and the ringtones!!! I highly recommend this product. Here's an advantage if you haven't already: You'll get one for free!!
This tool is used by IOS users for managing computers. You can place files like music and photos on the Xiaomi's servers such as smartphones or laptop batteries by using the system cracks. For WPA users, there are often rapid updates for software downloads and password creation.
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