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Remote desktop software with innovative featues

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Publisher: AnyDesk Software

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AnyDesk is the newest remote computer management client with ultra-As a result, you're able to run this app more fast than other methods. In this program we have created a fast and effective visual display algorithm with a specially developed video codec called DeskRT, which up to 60 frames per second will allow us to display images far faster and without changing any hardware architecture. No similar application has come before. Through the performance improvement, you can connect to another desktop remotely without being restricted by some graphics elements (such as Windows Aero shell, desktop wallpaper), reducing screen resolution, as well as providing the fewest possible delays in connecting. Such ultra-high productivity gives the chance not only to work in a remote system, but also even to use serious programs, like graphic editors, CAD systems, to carry out an exchange of files between cars, and also to transfer sound in full value, etc.

AnyDesk has a fairly simple interface without complicated settings (ip-They might address addresses and port assignments). If you want to create a new connection, simply enter owDesk-Your ID (your remote desktop address) for the computer. a third-party PC (it requires setting up a password before connecting). Moreover, this client enables simultaneous connections from several PCs simultaneously using just the GUI.

A connection takes shape as you create it, as users set rules based on parameters which are named parameter under themselves: It provides you with several tools for using your mouse or keyboard, for displaying two cursors from a remote computer, to access the clipboard, adjusting a table's screen size and quality, turning on and turning the sound, and much more.

AnyDesk 1.3.0 Beta (1.27 MB)
AnyDesk 1.3.1 Beta (1.28 MB)
AnyDesk 1.3.2 Beta (1.28 MB)
AnyDesk 1.4.0 Beta (1.29 MB)
AnyDesk 1.4.1 Beta (1.29 MB)
AnyDesk 2.0.1 Beta (1.35 MB)
AnyDesk 2.3.5 (1.46 MB)
AnyDesk 3.2.2 (1.69 MB)
AnyDesk 3.6.3 (1.73 MB)
AnyDesk 4.2.1 (1.97 MB)
Those who work in the help desk will find that this software is useful. Using it, you can run a remotely managed computer on your monitor.Is it necessary for the helping desks to get fast speeds or smooth image transfers through a connection??
have a great time in Las Vegas with your family. You had originally been asked to backup a very important file by your boss. However, this was a very large document, so the backup will need to be made. is possible ve now? There is AnyDesk application developed by sisulizer.If you find yourself in such an undesirable situation, please contact us. has a user-friendly interface and is very useful.
AnyDesk works directly on your computer from anywhere!! Working remotely and totally from home is possible with AnyDesk. The application is suitable for IT professional users or anyone on the go. You'll be able to communicate to people around the world at a very quick rate, there's an built-in file transfer feature, and it will not take up too much physical space on your hard drive.
a software that transfers data from a data source to a destination system. The software is highly secure and consists of high security elements.
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