Anvide Seal Folder (Anvide Lock Folder)

by AnvideLabs

Folders and directories can be encrypted by using this tool.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AnvideLabs

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Its intuitive interface makes keeping an alert to folders and directories so easy. This program's ability to lock both groups and folders is one of its primary selling points. Folders can be passworded by adding them from your browser to the workspace of the utility, or by moving them to it. Once you've entered the password and clicked the confirm button, the program will be able to do that. There is a corresponding section to which you can display folders that are protected with a password. By right-clicking the protection, you are able to remove the protection any time.By clicking on a directory you wish to access, you will be able to access the associated sub-folder.In your order to select an item from the drop down box, enter: _____down menu. The program can still be unblocked if you enter the same password you use to do so on your computer. For forgetful people, the developers of Anvide Seal Folder have provided the possibility of adding a hint to the password.

It is important to note that this program does not require installation. Most importantly, you're only allowed to choose the language and theme if the interface wants to be used. Applications know how to minimize themselves in the tray and work behind-the-scenes. If the tray program is to be closed, I can assure you that you will probably be asked "What happens?".In reality, it isn't that easy. Despite the fact that the application is also password protected, we have access to a master password for that particular application. In the program settings, you can change this according to what folders are in your system. For users who are concerned about their passwords on the go, this utility is generally one of the easiest and most convenient options in the directory setup area.

- Folders can be protected in any volume with a password; ;

- This software makes life simple and intuitive for users.

- can add folders by simply dragging and dropping;

- In order to keep unauthorized people from stealing the device and switching it off, it has a master password.

- There is no installation or configuration required.

- Add hints about your password to this window;

- In order to run the program, no additional software is required.

The folders and groups on your computer can be protected with encryption and password protection so they are never accessed by anyone else. Using it prevents unauthorized access. There is no need for installing the program; just create preferences for it.
A tool with some features that make it possible to achieve the encryption of every folder and directory in your computer.
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