by Jeff Backus

The process by which keystroke data can be mapped to games and user keystrokes.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jeff Backus

Release: AntiMicro 2.23

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Through this download the user can convert a number of peripheral controls into input values when using a keystrokepad. A graphical program for determining the capabilities of peripheral controls can be used for mapping to the corresponding controls of other compatible controlling devices. user can pick the accessibility features and controls that they prefer the most during the game. Although this component of the operating system is compatible, it may work along side other applications as well.


  • This is an application that has been designed around the function lead so it is an easy-to-use and modified application for user who know what is best and whom they will meet for PC accessibility and program usage.
  • Users, no matter what programming skills they have, can simply download it from a file and use it, as it doesn't require raw source code. The process is simple, too, and users without programming skills could benefit most.
  • Programming with the program can work with Linux operating systems, which eases the burden of a person who never uses a Mac or Windows machine. Similarly to other OSes, Linux allows users to download source code in a very similar way, but can require a considerable amount of knowledge when editing or modifying the file's location or format.
  • All members of society can benefit from the program. Additionally, a gaming environment puts it ahead of its competition not just for single people but for everyone.

Using this program can help people with PCs having operating systems that are compatible with the program, regardless of whether they play games. it works towards improving the performance of computers and making the internet a better place to use one.A place where people are welcome and accessible.

Rather than using a bunch of keyboards and controllers, play with a computer instead.
jessica lynn diehm
Antimicro is a graphical program that is used to map the functions of the applicable controls from peripheral or other compatible controlling devices. This allows you the user to decide what kind of accessibility and game control they're most comfortable with. While this is a compatible part of the compatible operating systems, it can work in tandem with other application.Antimicro download allows you to convert controls from keyboard keys and mouse devices into gamepad keystroke commands.All members of society can benefit from the program. Additionally, a gaming environment puts it ahead of its competition not just for single people but for everyone.
Nikhil V.
Antimicro is a popular program used by a lot of people today. It assists with the gameplay experience for new players. It can map the keyboard and mouse control keys to an external gamepad. Third-party gamepads are supported. Be sure to download the Antimicro program and use it for people that love to play games. It's a PC program that has seen some widespread use so far among game players. But it can also be installed on the Linux or OS for those interested. That will add to the overall utility for the Antimicro program over time. Reviews for Antimicro are coming in quickly among new users. People want to voice their opinion about the program as they see fit. The reviews shed a little light on how Antimicro will be working for people. Antimicro is well-reviewed by the leading fans of it. People want to show some support for Antimicro and that adds to the incredible new options that people can explore. The program is helpful and has garnered praise from the general community these days. Feel free to write new reviews about Antimicro and help it become a success over time. The cost will appeal to a lot of people. It is actually free for use and that helps new people learn more details. The program is already being used by a lot of people today. That adds to the overall fun that people can enjoy with the game.
AntiMicro for Windows is a tool that lets you map your gamepad to any keys on your computer keyboard. You can also map mouse controls. It's a must-have if you consider yourself to be a PC gamer whose current gamepad doesn't already feature existing gamepad support. Using AntiMicro, you'll be able to manage your desktop application of choice using your gamepad.
a graphical tool that tracks your keyboard and mouse while you are playing in order to allow you to get better
AntiMicro is a program that is a great asset for gamers. The program allows you to map certain keys and mouse controls to a game pad to make it easier for you to play your favorite games. Users should note, however, that some games don't allow the use of programs such as AntiMicro. They consider it to be a form of cheating and you might get banned from the game for using it.
Antimicro for windows is a graphical program to map keyboard and mouse into a gamepad.really great tool to use for gaming purpose and wanna loving it like anything. Got one for my kid and He used like it anything. its a opensource application and kinda a cool for any gamelovers.
This did exactly what i was looking for, which was to make PC applications think my cheap Bluetooth gamepad controller was an Xbox style controller (Xinputs). Works with games like GTA, Retro Arch emulators, God of war, plus game streaming like shadow and minecraft. Thanks team.
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With the conversion of DirectInput APIs to XInput, you will be able to use old or new controllers.
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–°ross compatable comparisons of keyboard-to-joystick/controler commands –°ross compatible comparisons of keyboard-to-joystick/controller commands
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