by Antifirewall

A firewall for Windows that allows blocking programs' internet access

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Antifirewall

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AntiFirewall is a simple, easy to use a firewall for Windows that allows you to block and allow any programs' internet access on demand. This is useful for if you think you might be at risk for some type of network attack, or just wanting more secure and granular access to the internet that you use every day. Working with Windows 95 and below is possible. 1 is the newest version of the software, according to the program.As of 2003, this was the lowest revenue album. Even so, it still manages to complete its task for you, since you are using an old OS that is running well. Considering the OS you're running is so old, taking care of security is of course imperative. This tool is highly recommended to anyone without much experience with computers, as it's much easier to use than many other programs I've tried before it. has also earned a good amount of downloads, showing it is still widely adopted by an old-fashioned community of users of old OSs today, even if the program is old hat in other ways, too.

AntiFirewall comes out ahead of a lot of modern firewall solutions in its minimalism. No matter which edge you use, there is not a need to use 40 features on it.There is no real meaning to the case, because it blocks and grants program access to the internet. I personally think the main benefit of utilizing minimal programs is that you can use them free of worry while running the bulk of the programs in this area. The rest of the options would simply be redundant and useless for people who wouldn't benefit from using one for profit if it weren't


  • Allow and block programs from using the internet
  • Security
  • Minimal feature-set and size
  • Simple, easy to use