Anti Hacker

by My Privacy Tools Inc

This prevents against people hacking on windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: My Privacy Tools Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Anti Hacker is a program that protects the system from malware. Four powerful modules perform a variety of basic functions each other: As well as spyware, scanning of open ports and remote connections controls are conducted. Multi-tasking: How to use it in different ways.By scanning at the level of the spyware program, even those programs that are capable of bypassing standard firewall protection are identified. In addition, Anti Hacker is equipped with an automatic warning system, which warns about the installation of potentially dangerous applications.

Multi-level scanning system: Multiple spy types of keyboard scanning can be accurately detected.

Monitoring of network connections - from remote locations ppling monitoring - - All possible network connections monitored and analyzed. IP addresses, location, and history for remote computers can be viewed.

Open Ports Control: Find out what ports and programs are utilizing them on the open web. Closing unused ports.

Suspicious program scanning - what is it?? Application searches and analysis of hidden processes that may be dangerous.

By using Anti Hacker, you'll be protected even further than usual firewall checks. With powerful functions, you can detect malware more effectively. When any destructive force is installed on your system, the program automatically sounds a warning.
As a customer, I found this product very helpful and convenient. My experience with virus protection has been excellent, so I highly recommend it. Having these software means that my laptop would never have been damaged in any way. The 4 awesome protections of this software mean I have my privacy protected at all times, and the 4 awesome protections are my greatest assets.
Windows Anti Hacker is aimed at preventing hackers from gaining access to your computer.All known security issues on your computer should be fixed in order to confirm your point. may seem older than 5 years, it is compatible with Windows 8 and 10.
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