Antares Auto-Tune Pro

by Antares

A collection of professional vocal effects

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Antares

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Your voice will sound both perfect and professional as a result of auto-tuning. Whenever new vocal effects and pitch correction are released for this release, you will have access. A complete harmonization, vocal doubleproofing, and ensemble building are possible thanks to the software's abilities. This software sets the industry standard for vocal correction at the most affordable price. It is compatible with DAW and every version of auto tune. In addition, each member has access to a dedicated education center where industry experts offer advice. When produced using autotune, studio quality recordings will be produced. Additionally, you will be able to add an sultry sound or get rid of the awkward breathing you hear during a long chorus when taking a breath with the software. If you sing into the talkbox feature, you can sound just like you were in the 1970s. In addition to the opportunity to mutate your voice to sound like an alien or a monster, this software lets you hear it with a few clicks. This makes a great Halloween movie soundtrack. It will take you hours exploring each of the different possibilities that you can have to enhance your voice and sound like that professional vocalist you've always aspired to be. If you listen to the worst singer, she sounds like you have been vocal ever since the days when you learned how to speak with an instructor. A 20-year-old won't know what a microphone enhancer is but he'll likely get acquainted with it.A microphone at $5 would sound like the most expensive thing you can buy. Both Windows and Mac users can utilize the software.

Take your music to the next level of professionalism

  • Pitch correction for live performance
  • Creative tuning effects
  • Instant harmonies
  • Digital Talkbox
  • Vintage tube saturation
  • Dynamic vocal dubing
  • Vocal ensemble
  • Sibilance suppression
  • Master your breathing
  • Microphone enhancing
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