Ant Movie Catalog

by Antoine Potten

Helps you manage and catalog your movie collection

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Antoine Potten

Release: Ant Movie Catalog

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Ant Movie Catalog is a great program that will help you stay on top of your movies even if you have limited time and patience. You can organize all your favorite DVDs, videos, CDs, laser disc selections, and even your DVDs manually with this program. Your movie collection can be easily reviewed via this interface.

Input of this information can be done via the web, or it can be imported through an external file or another data source. As a long-time user, I found it incredibly useful in removing the fields which prevented your collection from being cataloged. Information about what the original title was, what the translated title of the movie is (in foreign languages), who directed and produced the movie, who starred in it, and the URL associated with it are included. I really enjoy describing my own film library, and one of my favorites is the area where you can list friends or relatives you have who would lend you a film.

Overall, I would rate the fields highly, describing them as an extremely comprehensive collection of information. In my opinion, the software program quickly implemented any changes I might need to make. Apart from allowing me to import external images and files in a number of different formats such as JPG, GIFs, and PNG, my other favorite aspect was that I was able to import pictures and files locally. With so much available space, I don't know how you can keep track of how many files are on your server and which titles are on your collection. This program is the perfect tool for you. With it, you will find it easier to manage your life, as well as gain greater peace of mind knowing you have an easy-to-use inventory. In addition to this feature, you can run statistical formulas on your collection of movies, allowing for pie charts and graphs outputs. Users can access information about the kinds of movies they own (sorted by their fields) using the program so that they are able to quickly figure that information out. The tree display, however, can be used instead, allowing for movies grouped by the fields that you specify.

A DVD/CD can be organized as a movie or music album by an assortment of formats.

  • This program supports two file formats for its catalog, a binary format or XML
  • You can import content from the web, with the help of scripts
  • You can customize your links to mine content from movie websites
  • You can print using a template that's totally customizable
  • You can insert links to external content

Open source means that this program is available for download.

In Windows, you can use the online movie catalog service to keep all the videoDVDs you have. The entire material information about each can be maintained in manual form. CDs and DVDs present almost all of the information, as well as the pictures. In testing, this software helps to ensure accuracy by giving information about the test. It's free to download the ants movie catalog.You will be able to download an unlimited number of pictures or videos at any time with this software. This software is available for Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, versions as far back as 3.0.
Movie fans would be happy to discover the Ant Movie Catalog. The IMDb movie library contains all of the information you need to know about that movie, in addition to a description of it. If you wish to keep track of the movies that you've lent, you can go to the Library. As a result, you can easily forget to return someone's DVD after being given it by another person.
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