AndroMouse Server

by AndroMouse

Using your Android device with your PC is a no-brainer.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AndroMouse

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AndroMouse Server a pretty cool software that allows computer users a little more flexibility with the use of their Android mobile device. The program can turn your phone or tablet into a number of utility items to interact with your computer. Using an Android-based device such as a keyboard, mouse, or even a wireless microphone can provide a better level of productivity for you.


  • Easy setup and installation
  • Use your Android device as a wireless mouse & keyboard
  • Simple interface
  • View important information about your system
  • Free to use
  • Browse files remotely
  • Speak to type command options
  • Set custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Password protection

AndroMouse Server is a good productivity program. As far as I'm concerned, I enjoy using it in terms of having another task to work on at home. It's a common experience when someone like me works at home that he or she goes to the computer for food, breaks out for a run, or just appears to have an unpleasant buzz. Taking advantage of AndroMouse Server's simple user interface can be frustrating when living in everyday life, but it still delivers high-level productivity. The user interface looks nearly an incomplete version. Choosing AndroMouse Server may not be the best choice if you're using a program to display pictures to promote yourself or others. has several security features, such as built-in passwords which protect the connection from prying eyes.

Using your Android device, you can control what is happening on your PC.

Speaking of connections, to use AndroMouse Server you will need a Bluetooth connection between your Android device and your computer. Furthermore, you'll also need the most recent version of Java installed on your computer. You won't have to learn any additional programming in less than a minute after installing the program. Overall, I think the program does a good job, but I believe there are several serious upgrades needed. While I think add that could make it a better program, I can't say it would be able to compete with the program already available because it's free.

Alicia Sasser
Until just today, I didn't know I could even use my PC to do things like this. It is so simple, yet it allows one to use and interact with an array of different hardware devices at once, if the appropriate PC and Android device is attached to the AndroMouse Server... very neat overall!
sam dow
Using your Android device, you can control what is happening on your PC.
My experience has been that this is a great software program for Bluetooth capable computers. By integrating it into your everyday routine, you'll achieve a little more productivity and simplify your life. It's fully free, and it's really easy to setup and install from scratch. With no learning curve, its design is very simple. It makes "on-the-go" your life easier. You can view files remotely by saying "request" to the computer or use your Android device like a wireless mouse and keyboard to do that as well. Its the best!
Remote access to Windows machines is easy to obtain via a simple device management application for Android devices. Important - A wired or Bluetooth connection can be made between a machine and its phone, though they must be close to each other or work together over a network link. I have seen the most beneficial use case - and it's pretty unique. your laptop becomes a media player (e.g., on mp3 player).By using AndroMouse on your phone, you can remotely control a device such as a projector (e.g. streaming movies. Pretty nice soft
Caleb Yan
When using this device, you can do so in many different ways, as I found it very useful and simple to use. As this product is only available on the pad, you'll be surprised by its uniqueness. I have never before tried a product like this and definitely would recommend it.
With AndroMouse Servers for Windows users will be able to customize their Android smartphone or tablet, making the program ideal for tablet owners wanting many useful features.
It allows you to use your smartphone with this software to operate it as a wireless keyboard. Because a phone screen measures just 3 inches, this can make typing faster for those who use their keyboard or mouse frequently. As a result, work can be done more efficiently with the device on hand. Aside from helping if your computer freezes, you may also be able to set up an email program so you can send out reports and send out emailed notifications.
Thanks to this tool, you can do a lot of things. turns your phone into a mouse! (See AndroMouse below for more information. In need of space management when I go on the go, this can be helpful. This can also be done on the train and while I am at work. The ability to attach your PC to your phone so quickly is so clever!! As someone who is a beginner as well, I recommend going online and reading the guides online because they are very helpful.
You Will Never Win A Mouse. It is possible to carry a mouse out of an office and using it with your mobile phone is not something much larger. The AndroMouse app allows you to use your smartphone as a mouse whether you're at home, at work, or wherever! Click here to open an application and test it. If you click on a key or double-click on another key (or click twice as it is currently set up), it will do all the normal functions of a mouse.Besides making your cursor move (such as clicking), it's also more interactive by using the phone keyboard.
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