Android Transfer

by Vibosoft Studio

It's a tool where you can connect your Android device to your Windows computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vibosoft Studio

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Android transfer tool for Windows is one of the most useful software available that allows the download of whatever you wish from your Android device, whether you wanted it on a smartphone or tablet. With this tool, you can also download images, videos, and files made from your android device. Just drag the folder you want from your Android device onto the computer for easy download. It does not require any special equipment. It is all you need for the device. You need a Google Android device, Windows computer, and USB cable to run. A hard drive is used as a file library and you must download files from it on your computer to use the tool. In the following six simple steps, you will learn how to carry out the Android to Windows transfer.

How to use the android transfer for windows.

1. You can download it for Android via the App Store. I'd recommend checking it out on Google.

2. Open the .dmg of the downloaded file somewhere on your device.

3. The file will be dragged to your applications when you click on it.

4. Using the USB cable connect your android device to your windows.

5. Open the file

6. The files will be accessible to you so that you can browse around and do whatever you like.

Below are some features of the android transfer to windows that you may like.

It is very easy to use, as all you need to connect the two is a usb cable and select the option that says 'usb debugging' in your settings app on your device.

  • It is very quick
  • Very simple to use
  • Can access all android devices on a computer
  • Very useful as android does not have things such as airdrop on apple devices.
  • This program is free to use.

Android Transfer to Windows - A very straightforward, fast, and easy product. If you like how easy, fast, and free android transfer can be, then you'll enjoy using it for you'll save, check out the video.)

files within mere minutes, it is much more intuitive than other tools to download and upload files, and it makes it simple to select and modify options.
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