by IK Multimedia US

A powerful guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IK Multimedia US

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Amplitube is one of the world's best software solutions for guitar amplification modeling. You are able to achieve excellent guitar tone with this program, which supports 20 thousand different amplifier combinations. This program can be standalone or plugin-based on a virtual studio. If you want to use a preamplifier or mix preamplifiers, the program comes with an equalizer. Support for almost all known guitar amps is also supported, and the user interface is pleasant. You can also choose from an older version of Apple iPad when you order one.

Regardless of one's background, the program is a very intuitive operation. An application can be customized through the rich settings window. As a result, this program is very good. I can't imagine working with anyone else better than her.

- You will be able to achieve a truly high level of achievement with this tone quality;

- is suitable as a standalone application or as a plugin.

- Almost all modern amplifier models support the feature.

- Interface is easy to use, intuitive, ;

- You can find this program on mobile devices as well.

Atop the list is Amplitube for Windows, an application that can help budding musicians achieve the next level of performance. Eight tracks are recorded in this program along with a tuners, a dedicated practice desk, and even a dedicated practice section. Aside from this, the equipment comes with many microphones, rooms and stomps so you can create your own sounds.